Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I wish that I were perfect,

that my boobs stayed where they were,

and didn’t need the scaffolding,

to stop them falling to the floor.

I wish my legs were longer,

were tanned and not so hairy,

but giving up the waxing,

would make them more than scary.

I wish my stomach was flatter,

and didn’t behave like dough,

spilling over my trousers,

in an unattractive muffin flow.

I wish I had a bikini line,

that didn’t try to be,

a part of something other,

that started at my knee.

I know that I’m not perfect,

when I look at 'mirror me',

but my brain is still functioning (just),

and I know my soul is free, so

the only thing I should be interested in,

is the inside ‘perfect’ me

Shouldn’t I?


Jan said...

Your brain is CERTAINLY functioning, Minx.
Thanks for a jolly ( and very human!) start to yet another wetgloomyraing day!

Unknown said...

Thank you Minx, I like to think this pretty much covers me too :)

fatboysblogg said...
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Yodood said...

All the perfect people I know are complete asses. As long as your legs are long enough to reach the ground and know where to take you when they get there, what's left to desire?

Roberta said...

Your inner beauty still shines through! That's all that matters!

Unknown said...

I think I still have two brain cells to rub together, Jan!

Age should not only bring wisdom, Babs, but a pair of very, very dark glasses!

And we won't say just how long ago that was, will we, FB? Eeek - 29 years!!!!

Totally agree, Yodood, but there is something nice about floating a little off ground level!

Yes, well, Roberta, I wish the inner beauty would break out onto the surface sometimes.

Unknown said...

The answer is "yes".

Unknown said...

Excellent, floppy tits!!


bulletholes said...

I think its good that your'e brain still works and all because I truly like a woman with a good mind but I can't help but wonder about....
I'd like to hear about the nipples.

Taffiny said...


I like the new photo of you.

I find it extends to my writing as well, wanting it to be thought beautiful, so something of me can reach for that, attain it, but that too falls far short (my paragraphs as mushy gushy as my thighs. Features hard, body lacking elegance of form), so I tell myself to reach instead, in my writing and in myself, for something meaningful.

(for now though I am only striving for that in the writing. I can only find so much time in a day. You're much farther along in the pretty/meaningful writing department so you can focus on internal/eternal beauty.

Roberta said...

Yeah. What Taffiny said!!!!

Unknown said...

I suppose it is, Vanilli, but you should the state of some of me!

John G and Bullets, are you two working together?
And yes, nipples, unusually I had two the last time I looked.

Sometimes, Taff, you are very profound.

Ditto, Berta.

Beatrice V said...

Minx but your are perfect! Get out those stilettos and fancy lingerie, why do you think they were invented? to display our perfect goddess-selves on a couple of column pedestals with bits of trimmings and lace!

Unknown said...

Not perfect, Wordcrafter, but content with what I have been given. Decorating the tree is fun too!

Sharon J said...

Perfect perception :)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Beautiful, Minx. Inside is what counts!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Yes, you should be much more interested in what is on the inside.
I delight in your brain and heart, regularly.

But, if you are feeling a bit unpretty, then paint your toenails a brilliant hooker red and maybe your fingernails too... get some saucey nylons/pantyhose, some delicious perfume and a bit of new makeup... you will be right as rain again in no time.

Oh wait... how much rain have you had already?

Also... new shoes wouldn't hurt the effort at all.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sharon and Petra, I was trying to sum up the woes of womankind.

Scarlett, you are living up to your name!

Anonymous said...

Try to project ten years into the'll look back & think you look pretty darn good.

Oh yes & nothing wrong with your mind, for sure!

Unknown said...

I think our imperfections make us more interesting people, HM, and people get more interesting as they get older!
I do have a problem with those who have plastic surgery to try and convince society that they are 'perfect' when there was nothing wrong in the first place.

And yes, the thought of losing my brain horrifies me much more than a pair of tits that are heading towards the equator.

Debi said...

You missed out the bit about eyebrows migrating to upper lip and lashes hitching a lift to the chinny chin chin.

But you know you're perfection personified, Minxling.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

You inspire me to do that.
Thank you!

Scarlett & V.

Anonymous said...

Pobody's Nerfect.

Anonymous said...


At least I dont have to worry about the bikini line and the hairy legs ... all the rest though.

Unknown said...

I didn't miss it out, Debi, I was just too busy plucking to write it in the post!
Perfection personified??? You wouldn't have said that last night! Good party btw.

Nerfection is boring, Leslie.

I think you ought to worry about that bikini line, Muts - people will talk!

Anonymous said...

I will show you the bikini anytime sexy girl...

Unknown said...

Saucy mut!