Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red or dead

They were, of course, 'fuck me' shoes, shoes to get laid in, shoes that could scream their lurid wantoness across a crowded room - and they were hers. Did she want them? Could she wear them? She hadn't decided, but they sure beat the sensible work clothes that she had originally gone to buy.
Six months ago she wouldn't have even known about 'fuck me' shoes let alone owned a pair. Things had changed and when the world changes you either hide in a very deep hole or go out and buy red shoes. She had surprised herself with the choice but the shoes were another thing to add to her ever growing list of worldly changes. The realisation that her world was now akin to an expensive shellfish was a revelation. No longer the duchess of the kitchen sink, princess of the toilet cleaner or queen of fucking everything in the whole house, she was quite simply, free to choose her own footwear.

The red devils grinned slyly from the mirror. With five inches of patent sexual come hitherment, the little black dress was transformed. She took a few death defying steps towards the safety of the wardrobe. Practice would make nearly perfect and that would do for the short distance to the post box on Market Street. It wasn't far but it was all she thought she could manage. At this time of night no one would see her but her soul would know that she had actually worn red shoes in public.

By the time she reached the post box her hips had done that innate female thing and developed a sway that Rita Heyworth would have been proud to call her own. She had done it, but here under the lamppost on Market Street the shoes winked at her.
"Click your heels." they said "I don't want to go home yet."
They were right, another worldly change, a step in the right direction towards the bar down the road and a chance to see if her new footwear would live up to their very saucy name.


Laura Jane Williams said...

Red shoes do nothing but ask for trouble... Mama is UNBEARABLE when she wears hers!

Roberta said...

Oh I want a pair of red shoes!

(Maybe for husband's 30th high school reunion?)

Unknown said...

I am hoping to be unbearable myself, GWTM!

You can't beat them, Roberta, I have a pair of red polka dotted flats and a pair of red high peeptoed wedges - yummy! And most certainly for a reunion - goddess forbid that you should look anything other than not acting your age!

Yodood said...

…if her new footwear would live up to their very saucy name.

…and … and … was it good for you?

Debi said...

Outrageous! Disgusting! Shouldn't be allowed!

Where did you say you got them again?

Unknown said...

My favorite bit is: 'sexual come hitherment.' For that one along, I bow to thee, oh writer of saucy tales ;)

Unknown said...

that was meant to be 'alone'


Unknown said...

Hell, Minx! Paint a pair of black ones!

Unknown said...

G&G, my shoes have never let me down before, and (when I am ready) I doubt they will again.

I am trying very hard, Debi, to imagine you in red heels - oh go on, get yerself some!

I wonder why red heels are seen as so provocative, Babs, I suspect a psychiatrist would have a field day with that one but do men feel the same about them?

What do you mean, John G? You want a story about black heels as well? Actually I was thinking about wellies next!

Pallav said...

i want someone who wears those shoes :P


Unknown said...

There are many red shoe wearers around, Nothingman, perhaps you just have to have a sneaky peek in the back of the wardrobe. Failing that, buy some for the feet that you would like to see wearing them!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's it. I'm going red shoe shopping.

I have a red cowgirl hat... it would go with them quite nicely.

I wear red as often as possible, in outer wear and under wear.

"Hello Officer Red"
"Hooker Red"
"Yes I did just run that Red"
"You Red my mind"
"Red-E or not"

to begin with...

Excellently written, Minx. I second Barbara's 'sexual comehitherment'opinion; that's fantastic.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

That was spooky, Scarlett, I think I was commenting on yer blog as you were doing the same here!

And as for getting yourself some lusty red heels just make sure that they are pillarbox red, any other shade just will not do.

Thanks also for the compliment - I wrote this piece straight to blog the other night. 'Come hitherment' was a late night phrase, cobbled together and fuelled by some excellent wine!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I don't have any red shoes. I do like to have my toenails painted red though. Does that count?
Nothing like running a freshly pedicured foot up someones thigh...growwwl ;]

Unknown said...

I know a number of women who keep their siren red toenails in their socks, Handmaiden. Glad to see that yours are out and about and exploring thighs!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Great minds, then, right Minx?

Have lots more of that fine wine, it produced some excellent reults.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Rita said...

I have said too much, I'm blushing.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Scarlett, I will.

No need for blushes, HM, you are among friends, and mostly friends who haven't a clue who you are anyway!! Doncha love blogging?