Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's big and it's pink and I've got one


. Seamus has very kindly awarded me a Roar. A powerful Roar, no less, for apparently powerful writing. I now have to think of three things that I deem necessary for powerful writing...

One - Write without fear

Two - Write without fear

Three - Write without fear

A cheat I may be, but I think that too many writers worry about what they write and have forgotten how to confront fear, overcome it and remain true to the people they are.
We are trained these days, brainwashed even, to conform to what we think people want to hear. Constrained by the smirking asswipes on high, we have lost the ability to use our powerful words in fear of offending, upsetting, or getting sued by a readership that has been conditioned to accept only a diet of baby pink words.

When a writer can manage to take away the fear, we are treated to a novel, story, or poem that is sharp enough to take the whiskers from your cheek - blade runners, with one hand on the truth and the other waking you up with a sharp slap.

I believe strongly that having an edge is essential for powerful writing and life is never quite so exciting as when you are standing on the edge of that precipice!

So, now, five bloggers must be awarded...

The Power Queen Debi Alper - writer who introduced me to Stapled Stan and writes from a true heart.

Pundy the Powerful - for his brave new novel

Power Pomes from John Ahearn - watch that space

Power Pants -
Noosa Lee - be afraid, be very afraid

Power Pack -
Loretta Noonan - who recently blew me away with an innovative short story.

And Seamus. That pink is just not easy on the eye - did you never think that lion might look good in purple?




Stay at home dad said...

Wise words Minx. Great and inspiring words - just what I was looking for this morning. Thank you.

S. Kearney said...

Wonderful Minx! Your thoughts on writing is spot on - as always! And your choices for the award are superbbbbbbbbb. I also love the purple award, so feel free to let that one loose as well! One man's pink is another man's purple! lol Roaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Debi said...

I'm still reeling from being described as a Power Queen! Thanks, honey.

Wise words re the need to be fearless. In writing as in life, eh ...?

S. Kearney said...

In fact, Minx, that's a brilliant idea! I will put up some different coloured awards so there's more choice for different coloured blogs! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I am glad you found them then, SAHD - they are never far away, really.

Yes well, Seamus, that particular pink is enough to take your eye out! Thank you again - I am roaring, kitten-like, as usual.

You are a fearless writing powerhouse, Debi - think pink!

Pants said...

Wow Minxie - I'm honoured - thanks so much.


Pants (see I CAN be nice)

pundy said...

Pundy the Powerful? I think you must have got me mixed up with someone else. I am, after all, only one letter away from being Pundy the Puny.

Still, thanks for the award - it's the first one I've ever had, if you exclude my ironing badge from the Cubs.

Taffiny said...

Write without fear, carry a sharp blade.

oh, so I should ditch Piglet and Winne the Pooh, and go wake up Hagatha. ( I usually keep her trapped in the cellar)

S. Kearney said...

There's even a blue one now ... for boys? Check out the choice at the site. lol

Unknown said...

I've had a big pink one for years now, but, alas, it's under used, sorry, redundant! lol. congrats Minx.

Unknown said...

Powerhouse of Pants! Well deserved.

Pund, I think we should be calling you 'sexpot' today, don't you?

I use a pointy stick, Taff, whatever works for you.

Naughty, Seamus, very un-PC!

Thank you, John G, not much I can say about that!

S. Kearney said...

Haha, Minx, except I took the pink one!

Jon M said...

With you on the no fear writing, to look up fearless words!

Anonymous said...

i'm here breathless laughing at all these comments .... they are almost as entertaining as your posts, minxy !! (yeah, i'm good at sucking up to the teacher ...!)

good words, minx. good words. especially since i tend to let fear rule my roost too much. i need something to scare that crafty fox away ...

any suggestions ??


Unknown said...

Pink is okay, Seamus, but purple is so much nicer.

Don't just look them up, Jon, use them - oh yes, you do already!

Breathe, Red! Please! Can't have anyone having the vapours on me blog - so messy.

Fear, hmmm, what exactly are you fearing? There is no right or wrong with writing and what do you think will happen if you make mistakes? Is someone going to put you up against a wall and shoot you?
Failing that, you will need a small pair of Blenkinsop's stainless steel Fear tweezers. Extract the lump of fear from your Phlanglotis gland and store it in a large jam jar. Only take it out when there is a spider about and then run like fuck!

Unknown said...

Congrats, Minx - well deserved!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Vanilli, I am still trying to get these powerful words down in some sort of order!

Anonymous said...

ummm ...."run like fuck"

does that mean fast?


seriously, thanks for the words, minxy .. they were noted and recorded somewhere betwixt the courage and the fear. now to buy those tweezers ...

Mellifluous Dark said...

Yes, spot on, Minx. And congratulations!

Unknown said...

No, Red, it means run like fuck and scream like a banshee - very funny for onlookers.

Thank you, Mellifluous, there are strong words everywhere.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I'm very excited for you, you are such a wonderful writer and an inspiration - and this is very deserved!

Scarlett & V.

PS- love the purple!

L.M.Noonan said...

Yoiks! how did I not know about this? Gotta come up for air some time and get my head of my arse.
I'm sorry I'm such an ingrate Minx.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.