Thursday, November 08, 2007


My clever eye can pick out the finest detail, soak in the glory of a sinking sun, watch the minutes of our short lives tick by, but it can't see the last dying breath of summer.

My hands can touch the beauty of your skin, stroke the head that lays in my lap, but they cannot hold a moment, nor touch the smell of new born baby's head.

My ear can hear music that brings me to my knees, listen to stories that reach into my core, but I cannot hear the hairs that raise in response to poetry that touches my heart.

My mouth can taste the dew on a morning strawberry, hold your salted sweat on the tip of my tongue, but will not let me sample the sweetness of innocent love or the wickedness of arousal.

I can smell the the crush of pine underfoot and hot skin in summer but I cannot smell the perfume (or stench) of humanity.

Thanks then to my soul, a finely woven butterfly net that captures all. If I wield it with thoughtfulness, learn from its lessons and use it wisely, then it will serve me well.



Roberta said...

Oh God, this is good.

However, I can still capture the smell of a newborn in my mind.

Now. If I could just simply write about it.

Rita said...

I can feel the glow of imagination.

Unknown said...

I think we keep that smell in the file called 'never to be forgotten', Roberta. No camera, or video will ever capture it though, and it is impossible to describe - I have tried.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually see that glow, Handmaiden?

Yodood said...

Dear Minx,
this is the most beautiful, liberating use of a word so often fraught with belief — soul.

It need not tell truth
Soul bond centered in us all
Who can not but lie

Roberta said...

That is the word that could be used to describe the new baby smell.

A fresh soul. Mingled with earth and heaven.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, minxy.

Jan said...

THis is beautiful and that word I dont use often...Thanks Minx.

Unknown said...

G&G, we use the word 'belief' when we cannot use the senses to describe it. Not long ago we were burning people at the stake for believing in something intangible to the human senses - now we just practice mass murder.

Unknown said...

I agree, Roberta, shame we can't bottle it.

Thank you, Red - just thoughts that have escaped.

It has been conditioned out of us not to use the word, Jan. The human race is intolerant of mad people!

Unknown said...

Lovely, Minx, the soul and the senses combined to capture every experience.

Unknown said...

Only through some eyes, Vanilli, most people never 'wake up' and smell the roses!

Taffiny said...


I prefer to believe that many people do 'wake-up' and smell the roses, but perhaps only fleetingly, and must string such moments together thoughout their lifetime before they get the sense of it.
(oh dang, and I had been so proud of myself for being succinct and simply saying, beautiful. A word which reflected what you captured)

S.L. Corsua said...

Uplifting for the spirit. ^_^ The limits of one's senses do not equal the very limits of that person. Our memories are culled not from mere sensory experience; we can enrich ourselves by so much more.

S. Kearney said...

Serene! :-)

Debi said...

Mmmmm. Scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

hello mother=]
yes im in skool at this very second n this is my fantastic blog..
umm hi mums blog bruvas
i didnt actually read it but im sure this post is true

Anonymous said...

All I catch in my soul is bad feelings and weariness...where do you get all the nice things from?

Unknown said...

No need to be succinct, Taff, a good ramble never hurt anyone!

One would hope so, Souless, but some never allow themselves to explore. As G&G says the soul has so many 'belief' type connotations, maybe we should just refer to it as 'human essence'.

Peace to you as well, Shameless.

What are you eating, Debi? I want some.

Dale! Your English is appalling - please do better next time! And what are you doing blogging in skool? I'm not allowed to, so why should you?

Get a better net, Muts!

Saaleha said... always. when you're a millionaire, you will remember me, won't you?

Unknown said...

No, probably not!

sexy said...


日月神教-向左使 said...