Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boxed up

The Carver posted a poem yesterday that made me think (HERE). What kind of things would be in my box after I am gone? What objects sum up the person I am, or the life I have led? Interesting thought and probably one that I shouldn't answer myself, but...


Where is Jill?
She's in the box
Where are her toes?
Tucked in her socks.
  • 15 silver rings
  • a celtic bookmark given to me by my mum
  • Jill-in-the-box
  • Big Feckers gall stone (huge)
  • a pentacle (or three)
  • a tin of baby teeth
  • glasses case without the glasses
  • a silver button hook that belonged to my great, great Grandmother
  • the small weird thing that hangs above my desk( below) that no one knows what it is.
    I think it would tickle me that people puzzled over it whilst I am enjoying a gin on the other side!

This is not a meme, no, no, no - but it would be interesting to see what is in your box!



Saaleha said...

first, do tell, what is 'it'?

and we don't have boxes. it's five peces of calico for us. white. and there is nothing I can think of that I would like to have with me...

Taffiny said...

Do tell me a bit about your fondness for Jill?

I do not like Jack in the boxes, and I assume I would feel the same about the Jills. You wind them up, not knowing at what second they will jump out and scare you.

My three guesses- Bird feeder. Some sort of drug paraphernalia. Some H.R Puff-n-stuff, inspired, memorabilia.

Just about at the Boxes chapter in my NaNo, whatever you call it.

Anonymous said...

That "small weird thing" looks awfully phallic!! It almost looks like a firguring of Priapus people found in France.

Unknown said...

Me, with a bit of luck! Although I wont care, I will after-all be brown bread. They can chuck me in a canal for all I care!!

The Quoibler said...

I want a sign that says, "Close the lid! You'll make us both sick!"

Or perhaps: "If you're reading this note, you're screwed, too."

Maybe: "Tag. You're It."

Unknown said...

Can't say, Saaleha, have a guess.

I am not keen on Jack's, Taff, but I've had my Jill for about thirty-five years. She's definitely not scary.
Drug paraphenalia? Hmmm - no.

You are not the first to say that, Trollop, but most people say "wtf is that?". Heh.

Brown bread you may be John G, but what will you leave behind? A pint? A football scarf? A book of bad jokes?

I want "I told you I was ill" on me headstone, Q, or "Who's sorry now - I spent all the money?".

Anonymous said...

I collect boxes. There have to be 40 of the things around here. What typically winds up in them are what I call 'objects of magic', all serendipitously found. Nicely colored stones, feathers, twigs that put me in mind of elven walking sticks, foreign coins, marbles found while digging outside.
Exhibitionist that I am, the 'good' stuff is out on the shelves...the Irish tea caddy (a box in and of itself) big fossils, geodes, wood carvings created by my husband.
I guess the most unusual object, that would likely be disregarded in a cleanout, are the maple seed 'whirlybird wings' from the tree at my mother's gravesite.

Now I'm going to have to go snoop around and see what interesting stuff I fail to mention...

Roberta said...

I don't believe I would like a box in my coffin. Such things would drag me down.

I would rather leave to the living my things so they can remember me, warts and all.

Besides, when the spirit leaves the body, what should I need? Not my locket I've had since my eighteenth birthday. Not my seal carved in onyx, who perches on my monitor and keeps me true. I won't miss my pictures or the ceramic Blue Bird that adorns my book shelf, a gift from my mother. My grandmother's corner china cabinet will do someone good with storage. My books can go to Goodwill. My clothes are almost as used up as I am.

There isn't anything. My rings; my wedding would go to my husband, my grandmother's engagement would go to one of the kids and the other, my emerald where it belongs.

You can't take it with you. Why not let the living remember?

Pallav said...

a tin of baby teeth?

WOW! i want one too!!

in my box, there will be lot of written on paper, old diaries and many empty pens.



Unknown said...

The idea was not what you would take with you but what would be left for other people to remember you by.

Saaleha said...

Roberta said all there was to say, I think. And btw Zain Bhika has a brilliant song entitled...You can't take it with you when you go :P

Debi said...

So that's where my bloody glasses case has gone ...

Unknown said...

Have some babies, Nothingman, and then nick their teeth!

DBA Lehane said...

Can we fit memories into a box? In that case an empty box of thoughts and dreams.

Unknown said...

Mmm... that's something to think about. I guess there would have to be at least one uniball pen in it as there are millions around my house. And then I guess I need to think a bit more...

Unknown said...

It's an incense holder.

Roberta said...

~~Minx said...
The idea was not what you would take with you but what would be left for other people to remember you by.~~~

Jeez. I didn't mean to hack you off. I misunderstood the post, dear. Apologies all over the place!
Foreign cultures and all....I simply interpreted that you put a box of your stuff in the coffin!

I'm sorry.

Unknown said...

Not hacked orf at all, Roberta, and no apologies needed!

I asked a friend yesterday, what would she remember me by when I'm gone. She said "that chink-chink that your rings and bracelets make when you are agitated and waving your arms around".

I am nothing but a chink-chink!

Anonymous said...

My aunt always wore an armful of silver bangles, and the sound of that, and the smell of ground coffee when you open the cabinet, are two most endearing memories of her.
To have your whole essence remembered in a flash because of a nice sound...that's pretty cool, I think.