Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A post for Pundy

In my virtual road there are now lots of bloggy inhabitants. When I first moved in I found I had a neighbour, a neighbour who made me feel welcome, kept my teeth sharp and made me think about a lot of things.
This guy who lives next door is intelligent, funny, kind and drinks good whiskey. He is also a writer. He has been quiet of late but he has been up to something...

My dear friend Pundy is published! Please go and say hello HERE - he has a free bar.



Debi said...

Real cause for celebration!

John said...

Can we smoke?

Unknown said...

John, you can smoke, steam, or just smoulder a little in the corner. Just ignore Debi, and her dribbling.

Good news, eh? Another one of the gang committed to paper - who's next?

pundy said...

Minx, thankx yet again for these kind words.

Right now I'm suffering a real world hangover and can't think too straight but when I recover I'll thank you properly on my blog.


Roberta said...

Good news! I'll bring the crab dip.

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky to have him as a neighbour. But then I know you know that :)

Unknown said...

ooo! aaa!

Unknown said...

Pund, you are silly, I don't write things I don't mean - except for that time when I said I was going to hit you with a wet kipper (I meant a mackerel). You were my first bloggy link so I am entitled to say nice things about until next Wednesday.

Is that a dance, Roberta?

Sharon, hellloooo, (Sharon lives across the road but has a house in France that she retreats to every now and again).

Oh Babs, more good stuff - can you feel it? Think there maybe more as well - heh.

Pants said...

Hi Minxie

Virtual book launch. I like it.



S. Kearney said...

Hey this is a moment ... let's remember this day. Well done Pundy, and good on you Minx for putting this up. I also love Roberta's avatar! :-) By the way, I wanted the fleas in the crotch message in your last post ... you know why.