Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Opening Blag

Flattered? Of course I was flattered. The Lord and Master of the Blag was off doing important stuff in the real world so could I please edit the next edition of The Opening Blag?

"No worries." I said "Of course I will."

The mild panic set in later. Could I do it?
Wallflower was never a term I could apply to self, but could I gently twist a few arms, call a few favours and drum up some enthusiasm for an online magazine that I think is really quite brilliant? I hoped so.

Within days my wheedling was paying off. Some most excellent blogger's came back to say what I wanted to hear - fantastic! Now I have a couple of little gaps and I need your help.

The next edition is due out in December, a month that holds a number of personal celebrations and I thought that this would be a good subject to explore.

Jubal looked around the decorated room.
"What's with the greenery?"
"Part of..."
"One of your heathen celebrations?"
"Mr Sancreed." Dorcas said "If we are going to spend an evening together shall we make some ground rules? If I don't talk about my heathen beliefs then we won't talk about yours."
He glowered at her for a while and then smiled.
"The name is Jubal, and you are Dorcas, I understand. I'm only pulling your leg about the decorations; it looks very nice if you like your outside on the inside."
"Jubal, then, I..."
"So this is one of your Pagan festivals?"
"Yes, but the true..."
"So you do agree that you have heathen beliefs?"
"To you yes, just as much as yours are to me, but..."
"I personally don't have any heathen beliefs of any sort. God deserted me a long time ago."
"I'm not surprised." Dorcas said "You probably never let him finish a sentence. Shall we eat?"
-an excerpt from Coven of One.

So that was me, but what about you? What are your thoughts on Yule, Christmas and all the other festivals of light at this time of the year. I would love you to reach into your seasonal bag and send me a lovely sack of about 500 words linking life, light and literature.
Submissions welcome at my email address (in me profile), no later than 15th November.

If you haven't read THE OPENING BLAG yet then please get your ass over there now. It is jam packed with interesting bloggers doing all manner of interesting things - a coven of artful creatives. A must for writers, poets and artists.

Thank you

pee ess - this is not THE secret. That is coming very soon, and I am very, very excited.....


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your editorial debut! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with this. I look forward to reading the next edition of the blag!

Unknown said...

Funny really, Abs, so much has happened in the last 18 months - who would have thought? The intertube is a remarkable device - I wouldn't have met all you lovely people and had all these lovely things happen.
Someone scoffed a bit the other day, and said how can you possibly get friendly with anyone on the end of a keyboard. Yeah, funny really.

Debi said...

Blimey - it's getting a bit crowded on the end of your keyboard.

Ummf. Ooof. Move over you lot. Ouch. Jostle jostle.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

AGH! The waiting is making me jittery and overly anxious!

I like this excerpt very much. Thanks for putting it up.

Christmas writing limited to 500 words?
Eh... ok... will give it my best shot.
Love to play around here with the big kids!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

special missive to SOPH officer, Mistress Minxy ..... in desperate need of pointy hat suggestions ...Abs has suggested Philip Treacy whose work is goddess inspired !!

Anymore suggestions? Much appreciated, sistah minxy.

Oh, and props to you on your remarkable achievement! Good things in 18 months - the planets have been kind to you ... as they should. You are always willing to share their goodness!


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

PS~ I forgot to say, yes ma'am, I will get my ass over to blagger this weekend.

Thanks for the reminder!

Scarlett & V.

S. Kearney said...

You are doing well, Mrs Minx, at building up the intrigue about the SECRET! I will try to get something to you for the blag ... when's the deadline?

Unknown said...

Plenty of room, Debi, my keyboard is huge.

Looking forward, Scarlett, and to you too, Seamus. It will be cool to read your views by the 15th Nov.

Anonymous said...

Red Dirt - I am in contact with the League of Pointy Hats on your behalf - some suggestions should be dropping into yer mail box

My fellow pointy heeled sisters are going to be very pleased - I have just purchased a pair of deep emerald green boots with a four inch heel. I am retiring now to stroke them..........

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