Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn is eating my garden

Feeling Phoctoberish and concentrating on an area no more that 2m squared on my back patio - amazing what is there!


(smirking Bud)

(ballet dancer fuschia)

(angel of the pots)

(no photos, thanks)



Debi said...

I'm willing to bet that under those leaves there's a heap of fag butts with my DNA on them.

(note to US bloggers - this is NOT what you think - for 'fag butts' read 'cig ends')

Roberta said...

What a whimsical garden. Love the Angel of the pots. Looks a little maniacle.

Debi, how lucky you are to have been there! (Knows the term fag butts)

Anonymous said...

I have spotted two hideous homunculi hiding in the pictures!! You will need to act fast if they are to be quickly dispersed!!

Unknown said...

Yes, twenty points, Alper, I was sweeping them up for weeks.

A whimsical mess, Roberta, best get sweeping, or maybe not - I am all for a garden au naturel.

I have some 'Zap that bloody homonculi and other garden pests', Muts, will that work?

soubriquet said...

Homunculi, buddhas, Angels and disposessed Gnomes...

Reading about Ms D's cigarettian detritus I was reminded of a little sub-story that came to light, when once I reported upon the Gnomesville Massacre. (
I turned up this email, top secret, which alludes to the genetic manipulation of gnomes in connection with cigarette butts.
Oops, another double entendre for the cousins.. 'tabs', then?

"Hello, I have just looked at your web page about the garden gnomes. I was one of the founders of the UHV AREA /G.A.C.B (gnomes against cigarette butts) my idea was to breed Daresbury gnomes to outwit smokers at the Daresbury Laboratory, with 01. It went horribly wrong one night in the lab, when we bred a smoking mutant gnome, which escaped, and went rampaging, and killing the others, we had to stop him quickly before he killed all the G.A.C.B. We tried the Daresbury lab cats but they was too fat living a life of riley on D/L food. 01 and myself (00) laid down traps but to no avail, so ended the last bastion of G.A.C.M.
We had a very very cunning plan in the pipeline and withheld it till last Christmas 2001, Santa's grotto was born to entice him in to seeing Santa, at work, Santa gave him his present, jelly gnomes laced with T.M.G.VIRUS. It was a horrible death but it was worth it. Now we have to wait, for the land is cursed, for a year and a day so smokers, beware! -the Daresbury gnomes will return someday.
Regards 00."

Taffiny said...

when clicked upon your photos blow up enormous.

I like the dancing fuschia, and the I'm getting down now, kitty. (the fur on his/her back looks so cool in clicked on photo).

I have a neighbor who doesn't "do" flowers, because "they are so messy, all those petals falling on the ground everywhere". I like her a lot, she is a hoot, but honestly flower petals on the ground everywhere is how the ground looks best. (same goes for fall leaves, and needles and pine cones from pine trees)

Unknown said...

You minx! There I was on Monday taking pics of all the things in my garden to use for phoktober fun! Is it great minds or something else?

The Moon Topples said...

Great fun, Minx. Such a cosy-seeming place.

Unknown said...

That's Yoda in your garden !!

Unknown said...

Taff, the cool kitty is Owen, king of all he surveys and all the warm spots. He doesn't like having his photo taken.

I don't think my garden is quite a exotic as yours, Vanilli. Not even sure I recognise it myself!

Good place for summer drinking, Maht, and eating, and yapping, and listening to music. You don't really need much of a garden for that, do you?

Darth Vader is sitting under the roses, John G, but Owen ate Luke.

Anonymous said...

I took refuge in the Minx garden just after the Gnomeville incident. Don't ask - it was a very long journey that involved a certain amount of gnomic skill and cunning, two camels and a watermelon.

She's not a bad host at all, plenty of gin and cheese and pickle sandwiches. We put up with the odd guest littering our floor with butts because there are far worse things to contend with. Have you seen a wrinkly witch dance nekkid at midnight? It's gnot gnormal.

The campaign for the fair treatment of gnomes goes on - you can send your donations courtesy of the email link in the Minx's profile.

I say - Head down, arse up!

S. Kearney said...

Hey, that's my little budha! :-)

Marie said...

Lovely garden and cat. Those leaves are a gorgeous colour. I love this time of year.

kali said...

love the kitty!

Unknown said...

I think you will find that Bud is mine, Seamus. He has a hole in his head from where the kids were trying out trepanning.

Yay, love Autumn, Marie, crispy mornings and beautiful sunsets.

Hello, Kali, and welcome. That is Owen, my familiar.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

What a very pretty kitty... who goes by what name?

And, really like the Buddha.

Nice phoctobering!
HAAA AHAAA Debi. She cracks me up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore