Saturday, October 13, 2007

Every picture tells a story....

Maht's Phoctober Project has made me sort out all me photo's. Today's poor offering is some pics of me Big Fecker.


(Am I in trouble?)

(Not much)
(Blending in)

(Off to a 'P' party as a Pervy Priest last week . What a babe magnet !)

What happened to my baby? He growed up big and hairy. I tried to sell him on Ebay once, but I do love him really. Good job we have photo's to record the gap in the time/space continuum.



Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Laughed much.

Good loving hug.
Fabulous red color in the hair, I LOVE that!
Oh look! The tube! (ours isn't quite as colorful and doesn't have a cool name or anything touristy-like interesting about it... no one would buy any products associated with it, that's certain).

It's hard seeing the kids grow into adults, but then we get to see the outcome of all the years of parenting and find out that we really didn't do as bad as we worried we might.
I think.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Roberta said...

Adore that hug shot. It says sooo much.

Unknown said...

Thanks Scarlett, both the Feckers make me laugh, usually if they think they are in trouble!
That's not the tube, just an ordinary humdrum liddle train. I wouldn't buy anything associated with it either - the coffee is enough to kill you.

Love hugs, Roberta, they are good glue.

Unknown said...

Aw Minx, tis sad when they grow up isn't it. Fortunately he's a boy, so he's pretty much done now (they don't ever leave adolescence do they?)

Debi said...

Too excited to actually be here to say anything now except coo-ee and sending love and he's gorgeous and you're gorgeous and I'm not such a techy twit after all ... though Googlemail still doesn't like me. *sob*

Unknown said...

Hello Minx, you made me ( : so I gave you one back. Check over at the blog to see what I mean ; )

Unknown said...

It is sad, V, but also quite gratifying to know that, actually, despite all me bad parenting, they are turning into fairly decent human beings.

I knew you wasn't, Alper. Both the Feckers send greetings to your own fine Feckers with hopes for another Fecker Fest soon.

Glad I raised a grin, V. I suppose this means.....

(when will you lot ever learn?)

S. Kearney said...

Love these shots, Minx. I had a good laugh at the pervy priest photo. Not sure about the glasses though. Googly, pervy, priest. Ah, yes that hug at the train station. Made me all teary. Your piece hear made me think of my own mum, who created nine little ones that have all grown up - some hairy, some not. :-)

S. Kearney said...

Oops, hear meant to be here. Shame on me.

Taffiny said...

They really do grow up so fast, it is startling. The first year goes so slow, but after that, each year goes by twice as fast as the last one did.

Love the hug shot.

Hmm, your men fear being in trouble with you? How did you manage that? Threaten them with a good broom whacking?

My son often makes me laugh, but the joke/wit tends to be at my own expense.
He can drive me nutty, but I can't imagine there will be a day when he wont be living under the same roof I am. I want time to move slowly, very slowly toward such a day.

Unknown said...

Shameless, he shares my love of dressing up, but I would have given the teeth a miss. Not terribly attractive especially as he kept licking his lips! Yuk.

Nay, Taff, I just withhold my domestic services and give them a poke with a pointy stick.

Unknown said...

Loved that last shot, Minx - got his mother's sense of humour? Funny how they grow up so fast when yesterday they were just babies.

Meloney Lemon said...

Love the train shot. Going? Or coming home. It looks like a special trip - or was he just going into town to buy socks.

Debi said...

Sorry to (mis)use blog comments for this - but have you rec'd the emails I've sent over last couple of days? Google still won't let me play ...

Unknown said...

Yes, Vanilli, he has humour and he's a sod.

Mel, I take it the 'buy socks' was a little joke? Socks appear in drawers by magick, and just like magick the disappear again.

I shall dub you the Mail Demon soon, Alper.