Thursday, September 06, 2007


Fifty-thousand is a lot of anything and I find it quite hard to picture this number of things (apart from words, that is. Numbers never were a strong point). Here are some facts about this rather gorgeous number.

* Western Samoa ordered 50, 000 condoms to be available during the Pacific Games (saucy bunch)

* Each year as many as 50,000 species disappear (or have they gone on holiday?)

* 'Gadsby' was a story of 50,000 words by Ernest Vincent Wright that didn't use the letter 'E' (should that be Rnst Vincnt Wright?).

* Parents will pay £50,000 more than average to be near a good primary school. (snob money?)

* Malaysia has slaughtered 50,000 pigs this year because of smell pollution (poor piggies)

* Valerie is the 50,000th bus pass holder in Swansea (well done, Valerie)

* 50,000 dollars worth of broccoli was stolen reported the Chicago Tribune (why?)

* Admiral Dick offers 50,000 movies of dubious content for your late night perusal.

* Since May last year The Inner Minx has had 50,000 people trooping through her blog. It is probably more but I wasn't bright enough to obtain a stat counter at first.

I find it a bit impossible. There can't possibly be room for all of you but at least now I know where all the crumbs come from.


I'm very proud because some of you have even come back for a second visit, so well done.

Now, if you all squeeze up a bit we can maybe fit another small one in!


(here are fifty-thousand pennies that some boring twonk made into a cube)



Unknown said...

Interesting, Minx! Try this. Spanish Goth(see my sidebar), suggested this as a sort of tag.

Make a coherent(ish) story out of 10 disparate words. Any amount of words, but all 10 must be in your story. Ours have been posted, you must post the story. Here are yours. Enjoy!


Roberta said...

I'm am proud to be one of that number, Minxy.

Jon M said...

Cor 50,000, that's a lorra lorra peeple!
I think John G is trying to get you to write something smutty! p

Unknown said...

So am I 50,015 then? Just imagine if you did get a penny for every visit!

Pants said...

Brilliant Minx - and congratulations.



Unknown said...

Sound like desperate words to me, John G. I will try.....

Proud that you are here, Roberta.

I don't think that there are 50,000 people in my town, Jon. It is all a bit big, numberwise.
Smutty? Now why would you think he would do that?

Thanks, Pants. Still wondering where they all fit.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and fascinating. Try this: 50,000 Tanzania shillings - which sounds like an awful lot - equates to 20 quid. So a great night out - not thatI live anywhere close to one - could cost quarter of a million!

Debi said...

Maxi Minx! Congrats ...

Anonymous said...

you are so welcome, Minx!

another 50000 beckons, i suppose.

by the way, Dorcas has just settled in her small cottage. she says she misses you.

Unknown said...

So where are we going, Mem?

You have done your bit, Debi!

Thanks, C.S. Don't worry about Dorcas, she won't have time miss me soon! Read on.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Minx,
You have just earned the award of procurer of the most useless information. Congratulations - 50 000 times.

Yours Sincerely
50 000th President of the Office of of Useless Procurements

PS And another 50 000 congratulations for having 50 000 visitors. What a very clever Minx. Did you use a spell?

PPS I was not referring to your good and delightful readers as useless procurement lest they think I am being rude...

Unknown said...

That's funny, it wasn't supposed to be that anonymous... Bloody blogger.

Taffiny said...

Oh I wouldn't have eaten so much for dinner, if I had known we would need to squeeze so many in.

50,000 tramping through!
Best to have us leave our shoes at the door.

I'm still a bit stuck on the broccoli (how on earth does one steal that much, and why?) brain rattling around, trying to think of some way to combine it with the pigs, and make a giant stir fry or something. (feed the world 2007)

I'd be willing to donate a penny, but someone else must pay for postage.

Unknown said...

Office of P (you know who you are) - I am a mine of useless interweb information.
And yes, apart from you they are all the product of a blog spell. None real - not a one of them!!

50,000 pairs of shoes, Taff, there's a thought.
As for the broccoli - I imagined the thieves opening the doors of their stolen lorry and finding that they had not got the haul of the century. Unless there is some secret broccoli fetish club out there that I don't know about.

Unknown said...

Hey you! 50,000 good thoughts winging their way to Cornwall!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Cailleach - just glad they don't want tea every time they call!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Wonder how many visitors you will have had when you post your 50,000th post...

Quality reading, dear lady. Those of us that return do so because it's high quality reading. Visiting, laughing, thinking, and all that jazz.

And chocolate.

Scarlett & V.

Iota said...

Congratulations! I can't help feeling these 50,000s are related. So perhaps it was the Western Samoans who stole the broccoli for a "buy a condom, get a floret of broccoli free" promotion. Ernest Vincent Wright's parents paid #50,000 more than average to get him into a good primary school which gave him the necessary writing skills for his novel. Valerie in Swansea is his wife. See what I mean? I'm sure you could weave them all together.