Friday, July 06, 2007

Who am I?

I am many things to many people - mum, partner, sister, friend and a host of other good and bad things. Propriety suggests that when I meet you I should tell you my name, rank and number, but a moniker, an address and a job doesn't tell you a thing about me. You could make assumptions about me from my accent and my appearance but if you got past those what else would you know?
People have assumed a lot of things about me in the past, and probably about you. We are judged, daily, by a need to put people into boxes, correctly labeled. Expected to conform to what is considered to be normal in a society that deals so very badly with non-conformity.
I have no wish to tell you that I have blue eyes and I am five feet and five inches tall - what does that mean to you. What makes me different from any other Minx in the world? What makes me me and you you?

Anyway, here is a tin of condensed Minx - make of it what you will.

You already know about the shoes and the chocolate and the gin

I am mostly purple with hints of black, no shades of grey.
I am venom and candyfloss.
I put enamel pots in the rain.
I try to live positively.
I loathe the way spiders move.
I am mostly content.
My tongue could flay the skin from your back or soothe your headache.
I laugh for bad reasons.
I cry for good reasons
I would rather be awake all night.
I cannot live without music, writing or love.
I sing.
I would prefer a world with candles.
I don't do jealousy.
I live in the moment.
I don't like to be the same.
My love is unconditional (I think)
I love reading aloud
I adore my cat
I hate the presents he gives me.
I am a bad smoker.
I follow pagan values.
I am crap at numbers.
I swear regularly.
I know who I am and
I don't own anything living.

This was a fairly narcissistic exercise, I apologise but it was one that was inspired by Absolute Vanilla who has re-invented herself and is back where she belongs! Thanks, Aty!


And look - I'm a Rockin' Bloggy Girl!

Thanks Scarlett.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

You are all of those things and many, many more.

You are also the recipient of the Rockin Girl Blogger award because I think you've not only more than earned it, but you really do ROCK.
First on my list of deserving ladies.

When you get a moment, please come by my page and pick it up!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Whoo hoo! I am a 'Rockin' Girly' type complete with pink button thingy whatnot.
Thank you Miss Scarlett.

Speech? Of course.....Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow bloggers........

Roberta said...

My dear,

TO me, and to me alone, you are warm hearted with a touch of spice. You would fight the underling and anyone wronged. You have a tough but tender heart. I don't care what colour your eyes or your hair.

It's your heart I read.

Vesper said...

I've known you for only a very short while, but I can tell already what a warm heart you have, what a great soul you are...
Your sense of humour and your verve are an inspiration.
And... you have very beautiful eyes. But you know there is a saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul...

Unknown said...

All well and good ladies, but how would you describe yourself?

Anonymous said...

if you don't mind, you are an inspiration to my writing (ok, i admit, sometimes...)

truly, i appreciate what you have been doing on your blog here.

and thanks for Dorcas! :)

Unknown said...

So glad to have provided inspiration to a very inspiring woman! :-)

Unknown said...

Glad she got there CS, phew, what a journey!

Inspiration lurks everywhere Aty, what do you think you lot are to me?

A friend asked, after reading this post last night - 'give me one word only to describe yourself'.


Gorilla Bananas said...

From this I learn that you have bewitching eyes and a quite remarkable tongue.

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Thank you for adding my new site to your list of links. That was very kind of you.
We may stand for different things in life but I have never once thought you were anything but beautiful. :-)

Jon M said...

I'm a fairly simple soul who likes to think the best of people and is usually rewarded (as in your case Minx) But I'd love a world of candles and think sometimes I was born in the wrong time...

Unknown said...

Saucy, GB!

Hellooo Susan, nice to see you.

You can reward me with chocolate if you like, Jon. I am rather partial to Green and Black's butterscotch at the present time! And yer not simple - I know these things.

Unknown said...

She's also incredibly honest and wouldn't bull**** you, but is incredibly kind too! Nice reminder on aty - I've been scratching me head for days! duh!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Mmmm. nice eyes! And the tongue sounds interesting. And I don't smoke any more!!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That shade of pink looks perfect on the black background.

Now then... one word to describe you?
I'd have to borrow the word I used for Noonan.


You are far too many things to put into one word... that's the best I can do.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Still think 'bugger' is more apt, Scarlett!

Unknown said...

Hmm, bugger, hmmm? They say a picture speaks a thousand words, those eyes have it - but a single word like bugger just doesn't quite cover it for you, Madame Minx.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you feel you know who you are, Minx. Most people spend their entire lives struggling with that. I'm golden with a touch of deep red, only I'm not entirely sure what that means.

Unknown said...

Says a 'gem' to me, Sharon - so very pleased you are back amongst us. Hope you haven't given up writing!

Jon M said...

I'm often green with a hint of pilchard! :-)

Unknown said...

Don't mention the nits! I cry every time one of the kids get them... 'cos it means having to do all of them! Aghhhh!

L.M.Noonan said...

Hey fellow rocker, I enjoyed striptease, sort of Salome, dropping of the veils. What amazing eyes...yours or the cat's? Speaking of the cat either it's dead or you only borrow cats...I'm confused-wait a minute: you're no no Magenta says we're ALL confused.
I used to smoke. I sometimes wear puple but really I'm a black with a hint of red gal. Black's slimming and red signifies my potential for violence.
I vote for candles, chocolate and wine.
Lice...eek Cailleach, we have been major sharholders in the company here. I think that's why I cut my hair in the first place. Crap I'm scratching now.
Pagan...well, if I had to affilliate myself with something or face execution it would definately be along those line. No male gods for me.

Unknown said...

Have you been smoking herbs, Noony? Entertaining comment - thank you!

Marie said...

Great post. I know what you mean about spiders. That's what freaks me out about them.

Debi said...

Ha! - we have so much in common except I can do the numbers thing (and speak backwards).

Think I'm black and red - tho that might be just where my shoes have rubbed ...

Unknown said...

Right, you're all bonkers!

Unknown said...

Tis obligatory.

Debi said...

'Bonkers' - now there's an interesting word ...