Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saucy Minx

Whoo hoo - I'm a caution!

Online Dating

I was hoping for a "No kids allowed, never, ever" but apparently I only said "pissed" (twice), "bitch" (twice) and "gun" (just the once).

Complete fuckery - surely I must have come up with some more interesting words than those?

Clever Debi found this. Click on the pic to find your own blog rating.



Jon M said...

I said SHIT once but that's cos I'm a nice boy and only swear on other people's blogs! Poo! heheheheh! I worry sometimes! :-)

Vesper said...

Oh, my, I'm only a PG! I have to do something about it! :-)
Cute link!

Unknown said...

Just the once, Jon? Never mind, you can use 'common' English all you like over here.

A PG is is acceptable, Vesper, but I think they could have been more inventive with their ratings!
Maybe we should make one up.

Caution - dangerous blogging!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I can't believe you've never said "knickers", Minx. Perhaps they don't count as a rude word these days.

pundy said...

NC-17 : No one under 17 admitted

Because of these words:

sex(7x) death(4x) hell(3x) penis(2x) and slap(1x)

Er, slap? And np mention of all the times I've said fuck(2871x)

Unknown said...


I think you are right, GB, my mum used to say 'Oh knickers!' - hardly
the height of vulgarity, but me dad used to tell her off.


So Pund, at 17 if you slap yer penis it'll be death by sex and yer going to hell. Fuck me, what's the world coming to?
And I seem to remember someone who deliberately headed their posts with some provacative expletive, or other. That wouldn't have been you, would it?

Anonymous said...

I have passed as Unrestricted (U)- suitable for all the family.

It is good that at least one of us respects morality and family values...

Debi said...

Ha! Clearly fuckery since you use the f word in this very post ...

I was also sorely disappointed to be given mere PG status. What do you have to do around here to get x rated?

Ah yes, Monsieur Pund has the answer to that one ...

Taffiny said...

Oh, I was surprised to find I am PG

for saying gay (4x), death (2x) and hurt (1x)

honestly, my feeling are hurt, because I don't like death, and I was merely musing about my attraction to (is he, or isn't he?) Anderson Cooper, yesterday.

I thought my blog exceedingly mild. Though alright it's not very child friendly, but it isn't really very friendly to anyone.

my damn knickers are all up in my ya ya all the time. Honestly being long wasted and short legged is such a drag. There you go Minx, something I would never say on my own blog, however I doubt it shall help you get a stricter rating.

Goodness Dog, don't they check photos? I'm too flat chested and prim, to visit a second time.

Unknown said...

Fuck, I got general audience?

Debi said...

Oh commiserations, John. How awful for you ... I can just imagine how bad you feel.

I think they just saw the cartoon on the top of your blog and thought, 'Ah, the kiddies'll love this ...'

Unknown said...


Mutley, I think there maybe a little fib in yer comment.

Complete fuckage, Debi, and that's the first time I have ever seen you spell it 'f'!

Unknown said...

Taffiny and John, please feel free to litter this comments box with yer worst (except the 'c' word - I have an unreasonable hatred of that one).

My filters at work won't even let me on me own blog. I can understand not getting on Mutley's tits and arse posts (very funny btw)- but to keep me from me own lovely, sweet, innocent blog? Gnrfff!

I wrote this a while back....

Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck
the door on the tumbler
has fucking stuck
the ironing is walking
out of the room
and the tv is spouting
doom and gloom
The hoover is broken
the carrots boiled dry
I could sit down
and have a cry, but
the plates are stacking
my back is snapping
too much, too many
and just no ending.
Are the uniforms dry?
I've burnt the pie
there's cobwebs on cobwebs
I cannot lie
fuck, fuck,fuckety fuck
this is my life and I'm fucking stuck
I love them all really
so excuse the 'fucks'
it's just a bad day
and I'm feeling fucked!

Unknown said...

Fuck me! Did you really write that fucker? Will that do?

Anonymous said...

Love the Fuckity Fuck poem!!

One of my favorite lines I ever said in a play was when I got to say, "Oh fuckity fuck fuck fuck" in a college musical. I loved that line and always dragged a few more "fucks" into it. My blog, however, has nothing of the sort. I am all "PG" I'm afraid.

Jon M said...

This is all a bit wude and making me flinch! even the magic words are swearing at me!

Unknown said...

Oh poor Jon, never mind, normal swearing will resume on this blog asap because me rating hasn't budged an inch! I am still as sweet, innocent and fluffy as I was before! Heh.

soubriquet said...

Oh dear
I'm PG too, parents strictly cautioned
All because of two incidences of 'death', and two incidences of 'fart'.

FART FART FART! There. You'll be X-rated now!

Unknown said...

Do you wish to talk about the 'incidence of fart', Soubriquet?

Jon M said...


Anonymous said...

Good heavens, I might as well be writing for Disney... solid G. But wait...I do write for children.

soubriquet said...

Tonight I will be at a party at the Irish Centre in Leeds, I will therefore drink Guinness, and eat too much. Tomorrow there may be multiple incidence of fart.

Unknown said...

"Fluffy as I was before"? Minx, this needs an explanation!

Unknown said...

Kat - I make no excuses for being a sweary Mary. I work with children and curb accordingly but usual language includes some of the more colourful words!

Soub, thanks for sharing - have a good one.

As fluffy and innocent as a snake, John G?

Mr Farty said...

Oh my! I'm rated PG too - something to do with 2 gays and a slap. Ooer.

And no mention of my wonderful farts!!!

Unknown said...

Farts do not even rate a mild tut these days, Mr Farty. Well, they do in my house because, bein' a girly, I don't fart, of course!