Sunday, June 24, 2007

But someone has to win!


Firstly, thank you to all those who entry me little competition. The solitary prize really doesn't justify the standard of the entries. I will tell you that picking a winner gave me a headache but I may just have come to a conclusion that will puzzle some of you.

Two excellent stories stood out from the others, well written, tidy, grammar all present and correct - two complete packages you might say. So why didn't I choose one of them?

As I looked through them all I realised that another two stories were vying for my attention and appealing to my sense of interpretation. These two had taken the picture and made it their own and because I couldn't decide between these two I have decided to send a book to each.

Well done

Canterbury Soul and Mutley the Dog,

you shook me tree. Please email me an address.

Thank you all again. All the writing was excellent. If you would like a personal critique of your story please email me.

Btw, I have received a late entry from Mavis Crapthrottle for the competition. Because I am a fair-minded Minx I have decided to post it here as a future warning to all late comers.

Mavis is a numpty who should know better! Here is her story.


Sunday, bloody Sunday

There is a war of a different kind. This one doesn’t get reported on national television. No government is involved, no religion threatened, no rioting in the streets and there is no real loss of life.

I cup my hands around the hot mug and watch the explosions lighting the night sky with a mild interest. The voices on the street below are soaked with alcohol allowing the argument to drift through the open window. He had been looking at another woman apparently, and she is determined to let the whole street know. He is still pleading his innocence, promising undying love and total adoration of her ‘great tits’ as her shrill voice frogmarch's him into the distance. They may survive their war - if she is strong enough, that is.

I close the curtains on the birthday fireworks. It is nice to know that someone is celebrating a victory of some sort as I turn to the war zone in my own bedroom.

He has buttoned his pyjamas all the way to the top and has that look in his eye reserved for road rabbits. I know what he’s thinking.

It’s Sunday. So what will it be? Sex, or cocoa?

I haven't decided yet.


Thankfully Mavis Crapthrottle has no blog.



Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Sex or cocoa? Not both?
Minx, perhaps a whisper in Mavis' ear...

It's a very well written piece, I like it. It's one of the better entries, pity that it's late.
She's a good writer, one of my favorites.

Scarlett & V.

Thy said...

Oh Dirty Ragamuffins, I always check blogs way too late...

oh well. at least i have plenty to read!

Unknown said...

OOh well done to Mutley and CS. That Mavis though, going and writing a great piece and then getting it in late. Really!

Unknown said...

She's a bugger!

S. Kearney said...

Congrats to CS and MtD. They will enjoy Dorcas. They will love the cat!
Now, Mavis' piece! She should've won, getting sex and cocoa into the same line! :)

Unknown said...

Shameless, I think you are Zebulonus's greatest living fan but he will have a rival to your affections if 'Natural Magick' ever gets published - heh!

Only someone like Mavis would ever think about sex and cocoa at the same time!!

Roberta said...

Congratulations CS and Mutley! Nicely done! Minx you did a great job at judging!

Unknown said...

Congrats to both CS and Mutley - worthy entires with that little something extra! This was fun working off pictures. I love reading where they take people.

Mavis Crapthrottle - would that be youMinx ;)

Unknown said...

Roberta, I had forgotten how awful judging is. I printed them out at dawn and took them into the garden to try and make a decision. I hope none of the neighbours saw me in me bedwear, bits of paper spread around the garden furniture and me muttering like a mad woman! Oh well, what's new?

Cailleach - I think Mavis' sister, Agnes Flange, once entered a competition at Skint's - the pair of them are beyond my control!

Anonymous said...

thank you minx for this chance here!

thanks everyone for your encouragement!

more good years!

Vesper said...

Congratulations, CS and Mutley! Very well done, with unexpected takes.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Congratulations to CS & Mutley! That's wonderful! Both are very good pieces.

Minx hadn't actually announced a winner yet when I'd put the first comment up, so I am delighted to come back and give my best to these two talented writers!

Minx, as I mentioned, this was a nice stretching exercise for me (Spanish Inq.=sooo funny) so if you wouldn't mind, a critique from you would be gladly accepted.

I loved being part of this, it was such good company to be in!

Scarlett & V.

Unknown said...

If blogging is only good for one thing CS, then it is supporting each other in a business that takes every opportunity to knock one back. Well done, again.

I think we forget sometimes V, just how many good writers there are in our little writing community. My head is still hurting!

Oh Scarlett, just sharpening me red pen - be right with you!

Anonymous said...

Minx, thanks so much for hosting such a divine competition. It may have been small but it was perfectly formed. I know that there are many headaches behind the scenes, and for that, I am very thankful.

Congratulations to all the writers and especially to Canterbury Soul and Mutley the Dog. Very fine writing and most worthy of claiming top honors.

Thanks again, Ms. Minx.

Jon M said...

Curse you CS and Mutley the dog! I thought I had that book in the bag!Now I'll have to buy one of those books.:-)
Clearly the money in the post didn't work ms minx, next time its the negatives!

Anonymous said...


I would like to say Im speechless. But Im not.

If I may interject a serious tone - I was trying to think of the impact of art and artistic endeavour beyond colours on surfaces and mixing of paints....and beyond counting words as well.

Is it always left to me to bring a serious note? **Flounces off carrying book**

Unknown said...

GT, as I perused all the entries I once again marvelled at the standard or writing that our small community throws up. The small prize at the end does not really justify the effort that has gone into all of the entries, which set me thinking. How about a monthly showcase, hosted on a different blog each time and themed by the blog owner? What say you (all)?

Unknown said...

Good point, Jon. Me lovely book is available through Opening Chapter - link and order site at the top of me blog.
Just call me a plugger!

Unknown said...

And Mutley, so well done. But before you flounce into the sunset please drop me an address in an email so I can get a more solid copy to you!

Unknown said...

Monthly showcase you say I'm up for that... who else?

Jon M said...

Love the idea of a monthly showcase- a startlingly good way to get writers out of vacuums.

Unknown said...

Hmm, Cailleach, thinking......

Being stuck up the hoover pipe can't be a bundle of laughs, Jon. best see what we can do about it.

Best ask the writers then......

Jan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L.M.Noonan said...

I have dashed off a couple of paragraphs this morning and esent them to you at the googlemail address you provided. yes, I'm strange

Unknown said...

Strange or no, it is an excellent piece that deserves to be off the page!

Jan said...

A Claim To Fame:
I Went To School With a Mavis Throbb-Capple.
She ate pickled onions in class and was very good on Irregular Verbs.
Maybe you got her name wrong??

Unknown said...

I think you are mixed up with Mavis Thrappnapple, Jan. She was bit of a celebrity up around your way. Her 'greasy pole' dance at the Bumfit and Snodwranglers Club for One-armed Cheese Miners was a sight for sore eyes!