Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mad Matt - Hedge Defender!

Matt is Welsh but is forgiven because he makes me laugh with his very clever and exciting places in which to keep words - which is HERE. He is also master of the very funky Turboart where you can now buy the t-shirt.

He says....
"I've attached a picture of me in a most pink and camp hat. I hope it gives people the wrong impression :P "

1.Why did you start blogging?
I'd written a column for a time and after stopping had missed writing things for the imagined audience I pretended I had. Mostly then because other friends in the area were, and because I felt I required some sort of web presence that didn't involve paying for hosting and/or web design. (imaginary friends syndrome?)

2.When will you stop?
I can't particularly imagine I will, to be honest. If someone pays me to write elsewhere and with a similar frequency I might. I'm quite fickle, and can be easily led by something I think might be more fun. (waving)

3.What is your favourite kind of post to write?
I think... well. I suppose I write a mixture of confessional nonsense and/or surreal anecdotes, or otherwise. I don't have a favourite per se - the way I write blog posts is simply the way I write blog posts. I'm fond of my running themes though - Micheal (and yes, it's spelled that way), the turbodictionary, and now Turbo Art. (link above - greedy plugger)

4.Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blogs(lit, arty,funny, stupid etc) what do you mean they're not diverse?
I've got the big guns in there - The Onion, Tom Reynolds, GOB and so on. But otherwise... friends, literary blogs like the ones you lovely lot write, people who seem to have a staggeringly well-informed interest in Information Technology, journalists, musician friends, the odd strange website.
5.You can have five bloggers over for tea and cakes who would you choose?
Hm. I'm slightly too ashamed of my house to invite them for tea and cakes, but probably I'd invite my old uni chums that blog because it's rare that any of us are in the same city these days. I'd like to meet some of the literary folk I've stumbled across online too. (lit folk huh?)

6.You have the power to blow up one blog. Who?
There are a horrible number of far-right webrings that I'd like to see the back of, but I kind of hope that people can see for themselves that they all spew forth the most tremendous amount of balls. I'd possibly like to blow up a good proportion of the self-indulgent crap that some idiots seem to spout, but that'd also contravene my views on free speech. (think you speak for many of us!)

7.What colour underwear are you wearing?
Black. (boring!)


MH said...

I'm from Manchester, Minx. That might well be worse, but it's the truth. And also, YOU'RE SORT OF MEAN. In a nice way.

It was a shock to see my stupid face when opening your blog, mind you.

Unknown said...

Mean? MEAN? You have no idea.

I am also sorry that you are Manc, but I am quite fond of you, despite yer northern origins and your dubious choice of headwear (I have one just like it only mine has large pom-poms hanging off the earflaps).

Have you done me 'Beans' on turboart yet - I'm waiting........

MH said...

Nope. I've got about three hundred to catch up on tomorrow, I'd hope to get your new requests done in that batch.

Unknown said...

Well, get on with it.

While we are waiting for Matthew and his new batch - pop over to his main blog and read his excellent post on that new reality tv horror - "Come Publishing". Stomach churning stuff for any writer and a reflection of the sad ways of our world.

Newmania said...

So Minxy you do not like right wing bloggers because "they" talk a lot of crap eh. Well just so happens that I have what you might call a right wing blog..I wonder if you would care to throw your hat into the ring as you appear to be a Liberal( soi disant)...At the moment its the Death Penalty.
Your treatment of suit wearers is a bit harsh as well isn`t it. I would love to open a pottery in a village or something but meanwhile I need the sovs

Well done for getting your book published its got a catchy title at least...tell me why are West people always into witches and things ,I`ve heard there is a lot of radiation coming out of the rocks and it could account for that midly eccentric streak.

I am pleased to hear of your large pom poms but can I ask that you use your powers for good


Anonymous said...

Welsh people rock !!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are a 'minx'.

This is the second sexiest word in the entire English language.

The most sexy in my opinion is 'vixen' which needs to be reclaimed from its meaning of a bit of an old witch..

And if you can't be a 'vixen' well at least you're a 'foxy little minx'.

Nighty night.

Anonymous said...

effing hell - how did that sh!"bag newmania get in here ? your iq is at least 50 below minxie so you are not really required here. and i wouldn't go a bundle on trying to prove the 'right wing blogosphere' isn't crap if it is your blog you are going to use as an example...go and haunt somebody else's blog Mr Interesting.

Or go and appear as 'pc' in one of those amusing but irritating adverts.

Caroline said...

He has lovely fingers.

Unknown said...

Steady Caroline!

Anonymous said...

HAHA these hats ROCK! :))
It also brings back some memories as this is the kind of "grubby" hat worn by John Frusciante of RHCP in the video of "Under The Bridge" back in 1991 :D

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