Saturday, March 03, 2007

Handbags at dawn - a bit of a girly post

An article I read recently said 'What is in your handbag can say so much about you'.

Oh dear.

Apart from the essentials of purse, keys, phone, chequebook......

A screwdriver (don't ask)
A notebook that Debi gave me
A wiggly fish pen
Baccy bag
A piece of Blu-tack
A bag of crisps
Two teaspoons (yes, I know)
A bottle of correction fluid
Two pendants and one earring (thought I'd lost that)
Purple ribbons
A piece of rose quartz
A brush off me vacuum cleaner (that's where it went!)
A make-up bag with a lipstick, perfume and a paperclip (?)
Six lego bricks
Half a sandwich (yesterdays lunch - so that's okay)
Three lighters - one in use, one as a spare, and one in case I lose the other two.
Box of painkillers
Toothbrush and paste
Lady things rattling around in the bottom and a bit of fluff (essential).

There is more, but I can't go on - I am too embarrassed.
Maybe I should downsize, or change me name to Klepto Kate?

PEE ESS - don't forget to attend the party (err, blognapping) over at the Wordcarver - tradition states that anyone who goes on holiday has a party held for them on the abandoned blog - go!


Debi said...

What's a handbag?

Unknown said...

It's a free-standing pocket, Debi, to be filled with as many household items as possible and anything that you can nick from work.

Unknown said...

Erm, just how big is this handbag of yours. Or do you carry a Miss Marple carpetbag special - with room for a broomstick?
Anyway, I thought you were getting yourself one of those fuzzy velvet vulva jobs... You couldn't fit all that stuff in one of those!

Unknown said...

Oh it's huge, Atyllah, simply HUGE. I tried a small one but you can't fit in all the glasses that you want to acquire from the pub.

I wrestled over buying a Vulva bag, they were cute. I decided against as trying to explain having a 'lady garden' hanging around yer neck in a small town like this might prove more trouble than it's worth!

concerned citizen said...

Baccy bag?
A piece of Blu-tack?

What the heck is that stuff?

I carry a water-proof yoga backpack thing around w/me around town(it rains alot here)& when I go to the city, I have a smaller chic leather back-pack thing. Boring really, nothing in there but wallet, glasses, kleenex, pencil & paper, some stamps...crap! Not one interesting thing.

Unknown said...

Down-sizing is the way to go. I keep two bags. The official out-and-about bag a small patchwork browny thing, and the massiveone slung over the the carver chair which I put bills in.

In my official one, there is:
baccy bag (snap)
capacious purse to contain the masses of money I have (not)
notebook with elastic band around it (just inc ase)
two pens (just in case one runs out)
a teaspoon (snap again)
4 gogos (or ponies as the girls call em)
a lighter
a lip salve
minty chewing gum (for when I forget to brush)
drivers license (just to prove it!)
a pin bought outside the supermarket
a bottle of CQ10 supplements (don't ask)
me mobile (just in case)

Trouble is, when I need to get something out of my bag, I have to empty the damn thing on the table.

Cursed Tea said...

I often wonder what Maggie used to have in her infamous handbag that she used to bruise world leaders?
A contract with the devil?
Her [his] synthetic hormones?

Handbags are a true mark of a woman - some things that we don't want others to dig into too deeply!!

like your blog!

Anonymous said...

No hand gun then?

Unknown said...

Baccy bag = a bag for yer tobaccy
Blu-tack = putty-like stuff that sticks things to walls!

Downsize? I can't, I can't....

Unknown said...

Welcome Cursed Tea.
I would imagine that the ever popular Mrs Thatcher kept Heads of State - minus their bodyparts, in her infamous arm bag.

Gun, Mutley? Safely tucked into the top of me boot - thank you.
Do you have a handbag/manbag? I think all men should have a bag as well - it stops their trousers falling down.

Debi said...

Ah now I understand. Don't have job therefore don't need handbag.

But of course they're responsible for the best line in English literature. Lady Bracknell from The Importance of Being Earnest:

'A haaaaaandbaaag?'

Unknown said...

My mum used to say that all the time - usually when I came home with another one!

Went out boogie-ing last night and had to take a teensy-weensy one. Could have done with a 'Maggie Thatch' one to clobber all the young people that got in my way!!

Unknown said...

I'm with Cailleach. I have to empty my bag every time I need to find something.
I have teaspoons in my bag too! Fags, various lighters, my frog pencil case, diary, notebook, book, vaseline, brolly, i pod and that's the minimum. At the moment there's all sorts of shit in there.

Meloney Lemon said...

Handbags no. Across the body arms free yes. I only have mens messenger bags as they are usually large and canvas. Smaller one for going out. Minimal one for gigs.

All manner of crap in big one, not so much in smaller one. Keys money lippy in minimal one.

Unknown said...

Minimal - see - even the word sends a shiver down me spine!

What is it with teaspoons - I always have at least one?

Roberta said...

Alright. Wait a minute, I have to find my bag.

Here is the beat up old leather thing.

Let's see:

1 wallet. (enormous. But empty)
Keys. (I look like a landlord)
Cell phone
Hand cream I hate
Nail File
Red Pen. (Not mine. Where did I get it?)
Note Book. (I love it!)
One Rubber Band.
One receipt from the auto place for a new battery.
Two more nail files
A business card for work so I can call in sick.
One NUDE lipstick. What was I thinking?
One thumb drive
Two watches, neither work.
Two chap sticks. Dry lips
One 10 year old tube of lipstick.(perhaps the reason for the dry lips? I love the color!)
One blue ink pen. I took it from work.
One cellphone emergency booster, that doesn't work on my phone.
Two pen caps
One mystery key
Candy! I found Candy!!!
It's a little linty...oh well!

No spoons.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I am not alone!
'Beat up old leather thing' - you are a woman after my own handbag, Roberta, marry me now.

Anonymous - bwahaha back to you! I sort of liked that, in a weird kind of way.
Will someone please teach me all the comment box of tricks - I feel so behind the times!

Debi said...

Roberta - what's a thumb drive??? My mind's a-boggling ...

Minxy - did you dance round the itty bitty one?

And when you find out how to do those clever comments tricks, please pass 'em on.

Roberta said...

Oh Debi,
A thumb drive is a device about the size of a lighter, and plugged into a port in your computer so you can carry files to and from one computer to the other.

Mine is called Dog Bisquit. As my dog ate the first one...and the replacement is in memory.

Ronald said...

At the insistence of my girlfriend I purchased a man-bag from Primark. Nothing special. A greeny khaki colour thingy costing around a fiver (yes, it looks about a fiver's worth too). At one time in my life I would have resisted its use, on the grounds I'm not gay, and neither do I want to appear so; but now, in my maturity (I always use that word ironically) I'm easy about such things and could care less. Anyway, getting to the point... I never got to use it in the way intended, which was to always carry it with me in similar fashion to you ladies. It was to carry my camera, my spectacles, my notebook, the current book I'm reading, pens... and of course, it would be useful for holding small sundry itmes I collected on my travels. However, I've found it too difficult to change from being an inveterate, 'travel light, and stuff necessities into your pockets', sort of bloke. Now it's become a workbag, that's all; carried to and from the office five days a week, but never used otherwise.

I'm surprised you don't carry half a dozen signed copies of your novel in your bag. I would if I was published. You never know who your'e going to meet!

Unknown said...

Yes, Debi, I danced, but never in small circles. Skanked the night away to a friend's band (Rudi's Message) who were playing at the local dance emporium. No handbag bruises, but came home smelling like a pint of beer. I had forgotten how wet dancing can be!

Dog biscuit, Roberta? Like that. Mine is a 'stick thingy' or the 'wotsit'.

Don, small sundry items make holes in pockets and lead to all sorts of social mixed messages. Glad to hear you are a semi bag user. Have you got any spoons?

Saaleha said...

I agree with Debi. WHat is a handbag. I haven't graduated from teh nappy bag as yet. When I do, in about...erm...another four years, maybe, I'll do this one. Until then, it's nappies, bum cream, baby lotion, and a spare set of clothes.