Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Witchery Pokery

Meloney Lemon said... (and she's talking about me book btw)
Really enjoyed visiting your witchy world. It was cosy yet menacing, dreamy yet compelling, simple yet complex.....hard to put down yet easy to pickup...(shut UP!)Anyway, I am interested to know what constitutes a witch of today. Do the rites come from the pre Roman, nature/fertilty religeons of Britain (Wicker Man-ishly)? Or are they drawn from the Eastern science,astrology and numeracy that peaked in the 16thC, in the court of Elizabeth 1st, with her resident alchemist, Dr John Dee? Or is it a mixture of these?Not that it matters. It's a great story. And I LOVE the talking cats! x
8/1/07 21:43

I was just about answer Meloney's more than intelligent question, when I suddenly remembered another interview I did with Paxman a while ago. (My first interview is here).

Paxo - Well Minx, gorgeous as ever by the way, now, would you like to tell the world about yer witchin'?

M - Tricky one this, Paxy babe. Most people have very definite ideas about a witch, and I'm afraid none of them are true.

Paxo - Oops, steady with those pointy boots.

M - Sorry, they have a mind of their own. White witching, hedgewitching etc, are all practiced in the name of good.

Paxo - So no dark arts?

M - There are many arts practised in the dark - usually the more exciting ones, but always for good!

Paxo - So no devil worship? I think I could see you in a little pair of horns!

M - Paxy! Please! The God aspect is often mistaken for the devil as he is often depicted with horns.

Paxo - Gorgeous pentacle by the way, umm, where was I? Oh yes - you seem to have a lot of festivals in your calender.

M - Yay - loving a shindig. Paganism is based on the Wheel of the Year - the natural cycle of life. A celebration of the seasons, the cycle of the moon but we are not adverse to anyone elses' festivities either.

Paxo - And the spellmaking, oh love of my life? Did I see you cooking up a little something before you came in?

M - Not a bit of it. Spells confirm the positive, make a wish tangible and to give hope where they may be none. Spells for attraction and the like are, err, not likely to, umm, work - take your hand me knee....

Paxo - Sorry my love, my only light, my .......

M - Umm, hello, hello, could anyone remove Paxy from me lap?

At this point Paxo was dragged from the building. His last words echoing down the corridor.....

"Minx, Minx, you can burn my steak any day!"


I hope this gives you a rich, and valuable glimpse into the world of a modern witch. Further posting may be considered, but then again....

Oh, and by the way, there is a very interesting 'Party' going on over at The Pundy House. We are aiming to party on up to a 100 comments by the time the Pundmeister returns from the land of sheep. Please join us -


Unknown said...

I think Pundy's blog is starting to retaliate, Minx...

And can we please have some witching lessons - Granny in particular wants to learn more. So do I - people keep telling me that if I'd got here a couple of centuries earlier they'd have tarred and er, feathered, me.

Unknown said...

Yes, witching lessons please! Pundy's blog is groaning under the weight of the party - longest New year party I was ever at!

Marie said...

That's great, Minx. I think you should post more witchy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a fantastic post, Minx. More witchery goodness, please! :)

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Meloney Lemon said...

Thanx Minx. Thinx I understand.
"medicines exist against many evils
Earth against drunkenness, heather against worms,
Oak against costiveness, corn against sorcery, spurred rye against rupture,runes against bales,
The moon against feuds, fire against sickness,
Earth makes harmless the floods"

From: The Words OF The High One.
The Elder Edda (translated from the Icelandic by WH Auden)

Still, it would be cool to grow a Homunculus in a jar (good stocking filler) - or turn base metal into gold (beats recycling.)