Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So where are you all?

Oh yes, I remember.....

Now we have consumed more calories in one day than we would normally eat in a week, we have killed half a forest with enthusiastic wrapping and used more electric on flashing Santa's than the national grid can stand, we can settle down for the twixmas lull.
Is it a lull or a time of forced hibernation? Or are we just too fat and bloated to move until New years Eve, when we suddenly find the energy to dress up in strange costumes and consume more alcohol than we have all year.

Women, of course, are different. A little alarm clock goes off just after the 26th that calls to us in tones that even Sean Connery could not outdo - The Sales.
Yes, there are women out there who are already preparing for the following Christmas, snapping up bargain crackers and the greetings cards that didn't sell this year. These are the women who will have everything wrapped by May, and who will have peeled the sprouts by sometime in August.
I, umm, fall into this category, in a very loose and vague manner, you understand. I adore shopping and can't resist a bargain. Not interested in planning for next years festivities until nearly the last moment, I will be hunting out that gorgeous jacket that was fifty quid too dear last month and those delicious red heels that would have broken the bank. Unfortunately, as always, I will find that the jacket is the only one in the world that has not been reduced and the shoes are only available in sizes for a child of five.
So whilst I while away the hours, fighting over the bargains not-to-be-had, settle down in the chair, have a snooze, watch the repeats on TV and say a prayer that you sleep through 'til next year when the whole horrible process starts again.

Mince pie anyone?

(And yes, I had a lovely Christmas, thank you for asking. I was a very good girl all year and was rewarded accordingly!)


Victoria said...

I'm craving the sales frenzy now - what an awful thing to crave...

Roberta said...

Gads. I got a gift card this year and have to exchange a few things I bought my son. I dread it! Who has time to shop? My sis-in-law was probably knocking on Macy's door at 4:00 in the morning the day after Christmas and has probably bought me another God Awful gift for Christmas next year.

Let the holidays be done with. I'm ready for some relaxation!

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Here's wishing you a happy new year especially, Minx.

Thy said...

ah. i went shopping on christmas eve, only because iwas forced to.

otherwise i join the ranks of the men and boys sitting in front of the store.

happy holidays.

Unknown said...

Thank you Susan and welcome Vickie and Thy.

And Roberta, another important question raised - what do we do with all those awful presents that someone thought we wanted, needed, would die for? Hmmm.....looked on Ebay recently?

Ronald said...

I don't understand 'Shopping'. Granted, I can appreciate a bargain, as I found to my delight in Primark just prior to Xmas. And it wasn't even a sale. I found a jacket for £19 who's comparable Marks and Sparks price is, or was, £99. But in this instance, I was in the store at opening time, when it was relatively empty. Previous experience had frightened me so much I was in an out of there like a punter with a two-bit whore, ensuring I missed the marauding hordes (all women of course). Shudder.

Marie said...

I must be the only woman in the world that hates shopping so I'll definitely be avoiding the sales.

I wish you a Happy New Year Minx, and great writing success!

Unknown said...

Oh I didn't say I understand it or even like it. All I am saying that there is a little inner demon who has a need to drain the credit card to the max at this time of year!
And before someone gets all shirty about spending too much money on oursleves at Christmas I would just like to add that I have contributed to buying a Llama. No secret Santa at work this year, we all chipped in to buy a wooly friend for, err, someone.

Unknown said...

Sales? More jostling, thronging crowds and more bruised ribs. What is it with humans and this undivided passion for shopping? - a smart pair of red heels (which would go so well with my pretty comb) notwithstanding!

And a Happy New Year to you too, Minx!