Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You wouldn't?

Maxine called a meme a few days ago - here it is.....

I would never....

1) Go out in underwear that didn't match

2) Behave myself

3) Stop writing everyday

4) Use up my energy on jealousy or envy

5) Leave the house without make-up or jewellery

6) Hex in malice

7) Behave myself

8) Have my humour amputated

9) Forget that love is at the core of everything

10) Lose the determination to enjoy this life!


Anonymous said...

No hope for me, then! I've failed on the first one. But I hasten to assure you that I do wear underwear, at least.
Thanks for the link, Minx.

Ronald said...

What does your underwear have to match?

What does aputated mean?

Love is at the core of everything? Like in sLOVEnliness and cLOVEr ?

Unknown said...

Aputated? Dunno, nice word though, and now awarded an 'm' for trying!

Thanks to you, Maxine! Not that keen on meme's, as you know, but quite like the odd list. Glad to hear you wear underwear - it's a start!

Unknown said...

Oh the joys of matching underwear. And what if I get runover on Saturday's when I've got me big granny knickers and a sports bra on, oh the shame!

Unknown said...

As far as I am aware this blog was not designed for being an underwear confessional! Please keep these revolting secrets to yourself Verilion but I am so happy that you're here.
It is you, isn't it, and not some ghostly internet echo from months ago which was the last time YOU MANAGED TO GET HERE?

Roberta said...

Does underware indeed have to match?

My God. I've lived for 50 years without knowing this.

What if I get hit by a bus???!! This will not do. I must go shopping.

Another convert, Minx. You won't tell anyone will you?

Unknown said...

Indeed it does Roberta. There is no good in grabbing those grey, washed out horrors to match with that black lace contraption that you bought, ever hopeful, for Valentine's Day.
Maybe I should come over and take you shopping? And don't worry, I won't tell a soul.

Unknown said...

Debenham's do a nice line in 'Floozie' underwear... *runs away quickly*

Saaleha said...

You do realise that you repeate d'Behave myself' and I can see that. But you'd be a lot less without your enlarged funny bone. Leave the house without make up or jewellery. Then I need help. I never wear either.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, jewellery! Lots of dangly stuff with beads and things! I don't go out without 'em either. Or mascara. My undies, however, rarely match, in fact knickers aren't always my thing. I don't hex in malice although shit still comes back threefold (I must've misunderstood something) and my determination to enjoy is on an all time high. We are the world!

There's one thing I must call you on, though, dearest Minx. Are you really not envious of my extensive shoe collection? Damnation!

Word verification: wtcypoo

Unknown said...

Call me Imelda darling. No envy!