Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Techno babe

Yes, it's true. Well, not so much of the 'babe', bit old for that, but I have definitely embraced all things technological. I don't understand half of it. I am trying my hardest, getting a lot of things wrong, but I am improving - daily.

Five years ago I didn't know a 'byte' from a 'bite' and even emails defeated me - what was wrong with paper and a pen for goodness sake? MSN and MySpace were like a foreign language and I had no interest in how big your giga-mega-whatnots were.

Yes, times do change. I am now au fait with publishing on the net, dashing around the world via the blogs. I can google chat with people in Australia and now I can even use me computer like a phone! Wondrous wonders!

But oh dear......WARNING, WARNING!!

The other day a fellow blogger, who shall remain nameless, nearly got me the sack. Another fellow blogger had sent me an interactive animation that I thought the children at the centre might like to see. We have a Smart Board installed in the classroom that allows the kids to use their hands to control the five foot screen. I just nipped into me mails to retrieve it when said blogger popped up on Google chat. It went something like this....

"Hi there, now that you are just lazing around in the mornings, are you up for a chatette"

I replied as quickly as I could.

"Err, no ****, I'm in the classroom working, catch you later"

Before I could shut down this came back in ten inch high letters

"BOLLOCKS , later then"

Fortunately three-year-olds can't read.
Unfortunately all the adults could.
Fortunately they all have a sense of humour!

Anyway, yes, here I am. A newly fledged techno babe, embracing this world as if it were nearly my own. But sometimes it all gets beyond me and I have to resort to the button below.


Anonymous said...

That's what you get for rubbing shoulders with riff-raff, m'dear.

Debi said...

Who you calling riff-raff, Sharon???

And I promise I'll never ever swear again. Ever.

Oh - and who was this person you're talking about anyway ...?

Unknown said...

Now, now ladies, no scrappin' on me blog please. I am sure that neither of you would ever let such a filthy disgusting comment past your genteel lips anyway!

Anonymous said...

Of course not. Sorry, miss :-(

Anonymous said...

My wife let our sons use her laptop and they proceeded to draw a picture of Santa peeing into a fireplace (twas the season). It was all giggles until my wife used the laptop to make a financial presentation to a group of Nuns. Guess what the first screen shot was...Yup....they understood "boys will be boys" but she quadruple checks everything now!

Anonymous said...

Morning Minx!

I'm always getting myself in trouble with this fandangled technology! Yesterday I forwarded an email to my attorney. I thought I had cleaned it up, but forgot to delete the part where the sender called attorneys "extortionists." Whoooooops. So much for rapid-fire cut and paste and send.

Lynne AKA The Wicked Witch of Publishing
PS Oh, I almost forgot. I just finished reading your novel, Coven of One. It was fabulous. I got completely caught up in the exciting story. I especially loved the part about "the birds." Wink. Wink.

Buntifer Green said...

Interestingly, since you switched to beta blogger your page has taken a lot longer to load, and the comments are very difficult to get into, usually requring reloading at least once. They seem to crash while loading up. I guess it is software problems with beta.

Unknown said...

Afternoon Lynne!

You are talking to the queen of mixed-up-mails!
Glad you liked the book (and da birdies) - good to know that it translates well over the pond!

Unknown said...

Sorry Bunty, you have got this completely wrong. Tis the other way around. You non-betas allow for a small nap whilst waiting for the page to load - not all bad then!

How's the nano btw?

Ronald said...

Minx, you asked on my chat thingy, if you could link to my site... then disappeared. Am I that scary? Well, anyway feel free. And in future, in order to get you commenting, I'll post on things other than wet dreams, or the lack thereof.

You were lucky, if I'd been on the other end of the chat session I would have said something much worse than that. Well you asked for it didn't you? Fancy telling them you were in the classroom. It's too good an opportunity to miss.

Anonymous said...

I know how it feels...I was stupid enough to read a story by another blogger at work the other day, despite her warning it shouldn't be read in the office. Next thing I know, one of my officers has come over and I'm halfway through reading a rather descriptive version of oral sex! Not sure who was more embarrassed. Next time I will pay heed to health warnings! :)

Unknown said...

Don, she knows who she is, and she will pay! Oh and please don't 'dry' up just for me, I just didn't feel, umm, experienced enough to comment, so to speak.

Yes Lehane, learn your lesson - no oral at work, you know the rules.
Officer? Do I need to be worried?

Ronald said...

Have you set a date yet for the re-decoration of your blog?

Debi said...

I protest! I DON'T know who I am. I never have and I never will. It weren't me, um, officer sir ...

Unknown said...

No, but have you set a date for the changing of that photo? Your fizzog is scaring away me visitors!

Ronald said...

Yes, it's the face that stopped a thousand clocks! Better get used to it. So when do we get to see yours?