Sunday, November 19, 2006


You can think what you like
you can say what you mean
Don’t twist me with your blatant lies,
or take the line between

You can spread me like butter
and fill my ears with charm
your words will never haunt me
my heart you’ll never harm


Do you still think I’m a babe?
Let the gorgeousness shine through
Flattery might get you somewhere
if I was going there too

You can coax all you will
you can wheedle, you can whine
I’m old enough for wrinkles so
don’t try to take what’s mine


Do you still think I’m worth it?
You seem to relish the pain, of
rejection and denial,
whilst I remain the same

And I will,
for some time to come,
be wild, seductive, free.
I am not what you are looking at
your eyes do not see,
that beneath this painted face
hides a completely different me.


Confucious Trevaskis said...

That's all very well...but where do I get one of those red women from........?

jta said...

Paint It, Black

Don said...

Ah, like all west country folk you do roll your r's. And you've coloured your hair red! It coordinates beautifully with your festive socks.

I like the poem, it's so you. Pugnaciously defiant.

By the way, thanks for the encouragement with my writing. I'm sorry I started to fly off at various tangents. It's all part of my unconscious work-avoidance strategy.

Marie said...

That's really good, Minx.

pundy said...

Geez, Minx, is that really a video of you? The photos you've posted in the past simply don't do you justice. Not only that but I'd like to apologise here and now for all the smart, snide Comments I've left on this blog in the past.

I don't suppose there's any chance we could meet for coffee sometime soon so I can apologise in person, is there?

Speak to you again soon, straight after this cold shower in fact...

Minx said...

S'pose I should have left the poem in its file really - didn't realise it would create such a stir!!

Don said...

What do you expect with an arse like that?

Jefferson Davis said...

It is exquisite Minx. I love it. The picture is...Oh Mercy, I've got a weakness for redheads. :)

jta said...


I talk to you
You walk away
You're still on the down beat
You say you don't want my help
But you can't escape
If your running from yourself

I give you my love
I give you my love
Give you my love
Still you walk away

It's your own late show
As you jump to the street below
But where can you go
To leave yourself behind
Alone in the spotlight
Of this, your own tragedy

I give you my love, love, love
Love, love, love, love, love, love...

In the heart in the heart
In the heart of the city
Heart in the heart in
The heart of the city
Oh, love...
I pour my love out for you
And I'll bring you through
See your not alone

I give you my love, give you my love
Give you my love, give you my love
Give you my love, give you my love
Give you my love, give you my love
Give you my love, love, love
Love, love, love, love, love...

jta said...

Could you use that gif on all your posts? Think of the time you'd save...

Minx said...

Don't think I'll need to use much else jta, judging by the amount of men who are crawling out of the woodwork and pushing the stats through the roof. Shame on me.

She is gorgeous though, isn't she? And, of course, so right for me flirty poem that you have all ignored. Shame on you!

Maybe the women will have a few more erudite comments?

jta said...

Poem? What poem?

Roberta said...

Oh my goodness. What a sight. I wish I could waggle like that, but I'd break a hip.

I do however know the poem. By heart.

There is more to a woman than the paint, or the walk.

Most men don't get it.

Roonie said...


Susan Abraham said...

Grand poem, Minx.

Anonymous said...

Crawling out the woodwork?!?! Hey, babe, an insect like me lives in the wordwork! But that did flow extremely well. And, hell, an arse that red has gotta be sore?

Saaleha said...

this thing ate me comment:-( Really the crux of it was that this post serves as proof that your Geography of Man assessment was 100% true!
I must admit, a novel way of getting more people (read - men) to read and comment.
But the poem was good.

Minx said...

Thank you girls - at last! Funny how women can appreciate the female form and still look at the words!

Roberta said...

Well. I'm not interested in the ass, but her hair is lovely and where did she get those boots!

Susan Abraham said...

"Funny how women can appreciate the female form and still look at the words...."
(that's true sardonic humour on your part Minx & cleverly phrased. Nice!)

Debi said...

A propos of nothing - when we were camping last year there was a man there with his mid-teens daughter who was sashaying round the field constantly darting sideways glances to see if she was being watched.
'Poor thing,' murmured Little Guy. 'That girl over there has DISABILITIES.'
'No she hasn't,' said First Born. 'She's trying to be SEXY!'

Good poem. Of course.

Cailleach said...

"I am not what you are looking at
your eyes do not see,
that beneath this painted face
hides a completely different me."

Yep, that just about says it all!

Some of the guys replies remind me of the Bugs Bunny type reactions from those cartoons, when the Bugs would see a stereotypical siren.


Minx said...

In case anyone is remotely interested - the poem is about a friend (a beautiful friend) who was completely fed up with men talking to her her breasts. Conversation was limited, to say the least!

Debi said...

Of course we're interested. But we're not all listening ...

Don said...

It must be soul-destroying, posting such a gif, then, most unexpectedly, getting all of those shallow comments from the blokes.

Saaleha said...

Minx, good thing you didn't mention that the 'friend ' in question happens to be the Minx herself. Your comments would have trebled.

jta said...

Not listing names, but what is it about a nice arse that makes some women start talking such ballocks? Just askin...

Minx said...

No qute right Debi, apparently the male auditory equipment packs up when faced with a nice arse!

Talking bollocks jta? Don't think we had better start on that one, right?

I think that I had better post something completely gratuitous for the girlies later. We will then see how many men decide to comment!

jta said...

Yes, do, Minx. It will be interesting to hear how the sight of a well turned out male blasts everything else from women's minds. Oh, yes. Do.

pundy said...

Minx, if you're a short guy like Tom Cruise talking to a tall, buxom women you can't help talking to her breasts.

I don't think you should criticise short people the way you have. Some people are just born that way. It's to do with their height.

SAND STORM said...

Poem what poem? :)

Minx said...

I didn't mean to be 'shortist' Pund - please forgive me!
Seems the whole essence of the poem has now been blown away by one intelligent comment. I wish someone had pointed this out before I had made a complete tit of myself.

pundy said...


Minx said...

That's what I said.

jta said...

I think I understand your point, Pund, about short people not being taller, but surely using Tommy boy as an example is unfair in itself: the man has taken shortness to its logical extreme, augmenting his genetic lack of stature with cunning thespian artifice, until, far from speaking to women's breasts, he's unable to speak to anything but his own arse.

Minx said...

Jta! That is completely unfair!
Why, Mr Tomkat Woodentop can surely act his way out of the box - once he has got off it, of course.

Beach Bum said...

I was gonna make an erudite comment but it turned into a rude right one so I'll keep it to myself.



Minx said...

Let it all out BB, everyone else did!

Promises good surf over the weekend so catch a good one!