Saturday, September 16, 2006


There is a teeny weeny connection missing in my brain. It does not cause me undue stress in my everyday life, I have learned to live with it and in certain circumstances to hide it from those around me.

It is called typo-dyspraxlexia (typorus dyspraxlexium) and therefore I am typo-dyspraxlexic.
I have suffered with it for a long time and perhaps getting it down on paper will help to ease the symptoms.

I cannot type 'and' , well I did it that time because I had to think about it, and look there's another one - 'think', only right because I had to go back and correct it.

nad = and
thnk = think
becoame = become

And there are others, many others, if truth be told. The information that leaves my brain gets somehow shoved up a railway siding before it reaches my fingers.
That is what the experts say but I am inclined to think that since I have been writing my fingers have developed little brains of their own. Oh yes, they work in conjunction with each other, it takes two to mess up an 'and' and the little buggers have a riot with 'tomorrow' - which usually comes out as 'tommmorrow'.

I know my symptoms get worse when I am tired or have an attack of 'must get this down before I lose it' but please, tell me I'm not alone.
Are there other sufferers out there, can we form a Typo-dyspaxlexia-not-so-annonymous club. I would feel so much better.


Anonymous said...

The thng is why are those words for messing up spelling so bloofy difficulty to spell? I'll join this clun, sieing as I can't joind Blogger's anonymous due to computer not watnting tot work everyday.

Anonymous said...

HA! It's been a very long day here and when I went ot type and it came out nda.

I have ti.

I hpoe there's a crue.

God help me on the Word Verication thingy. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh thnak god I'm not alone! I cna relax now.
Frankly, I think the fingres and the brain go out of whcak and as opposed to having neo mind to dale with we have tow. Nad two it ain't company it's a crowd - too big a crowd for one kyeboadr.
Count me in ofr the not so annnonymous club.

Lee said...

And I've just spent some time puzzling over Reel, a poem by George Szirtes in a collection of the same name, where you read 'mnenomics' and 'sweeeps'. Now are these typos, the author's TD, or deliberate?

Marie said...

It happens all the time, Minx. I type quiet fast, as I think pretty fast too - sometimes thoughts just need to be released beffore me head axplodes. SEE!

Unknown said...

Oh, look at you all coming out of the woodwrok!

Funny thing is it took me a couple of reads to realise that you had all left your TD's in - oh dear this means I'm starting to believe what those bloody fngers are telling me!

Debi said...

Count me ni.

Anonymous said...

Persnally, I do'nt suffr from it, and dont' undrestand thoes how do.


Anonymous said...

mea neetherer

Anonymous said...

Minx, I'm another one who suffers this, but I've learned what they are over the years and I slow down when I'm getting to those words. Gauge is one, in fact anything gau- or gua- gets me. It's a bit like that with some maths, too, where you always think 8 x 7 is er, 54 say and it's actually 56.

By the way, consider yourself tagged.Bhaswati got me and so I have to get five others. If you take a look at

you'll see what it's all about!

And thanks for giving our condition a name; it only happens to the intelligent!

Unknown said...

Ah, but you weren't intelligent enough to look back through me blog Amin - already done I'm afraid. Pick on someone else!!

I don't do numbers either, so I'm not that smart, but I am interested to know what they taste like!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the post was funny, the connnemts funnier sti;ll. i'm afraid i've joined the club before its inception. thank you, oh wise dr minx, for identifying our condition