Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today is Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. It is a time of equality, balance and thanksgiving. A time for setting aside old quarrels and discarding those more unsavoury traits of character.
So, I invite you to dump all your ghastly habits into my comments box and I will dispose of them safely!


Saaleha said...

could you dump my computer?
waah, banish the thought. I'd die!! But seriously, purging oneself if unsavoury traits adds years to your life.

Anonymous said...

erm... what about those celebrating the spring equinox...?

Unknown said...

Works the same way Atyllah, light and dark are equal, a time to balance the books!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't feel like autumn in London at the moment. It's too hot!

Debi said...

Ah, but will you recycle them or will they just end up as landfill?

Unknown said...

Tis magick Debi, so do not worry that pedantic brain of yours.

Come on you lot, do you really want to hang on to all those nasty little habits - oh okay, you do then!

Anonymous said...

I'm lazy! I want to be more disciplined.

Perhaps I will just hang on to my bad habits for now and do a bit of spring cleaning.

See what I mean?

Can you help me Dr. Minx?

Anonymous said...

I purged before I left Novapulse and Aunt Aggie makes sure I have a good purge every day - any more purging and I'll be chicken fricasee!

Anonymous said...

Nasty habits? Mmm now let me think... I leave my knickers in the trousers I wore the night before. Ehm ... I don't do the dishes often enough ... er ... My hair is everywhere. As a kid I used to pick my nose stick it on the wall and then flick them at my brother when he pissed me off, but I've kind of gotten over that one all by myself. Oh yeah how could I forget ... I'm unbelievably untidy. But if I lose ALL my bad habits then will I still be me?

Doris said...

Moi .... nasty habits? Nah! But then again ..... can you handle procrastination and mental self-abuse?

I've never heard of Mabon so thanks for that.

I have a glass of red here so I will drink to Mabon :-)

Unknown said...

Right okay, let's see what we've got.

Saaleha - sorted self, good, good.

Debi - anti-spam spell (see her blog)

Marie - you're much too nice, so I'll just relieve of the problem neighbour!

Roberta - as from tomorrow you will be cracking your own whip, rising at dawn to pound out a 1000 words before breakfast, you can laze the rest of the day!

Atyllah - stop with the purging please, you will block the drains!

V - beyond my help m'dear, see a doctor!

Doris - hello there, wine is always a good habit and who cares what day it is anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Bad habit: not exposing my lunchbox in lycra clad shorts down the gym! ;)

Unknown said...


Thanks for popping in Lehane, I am liking your stuff!