Friday, September 22, 2006

Cover story

Here is the new link to the 'Coven of One' site at Opening Chapter

The cover work can be seen, in all its glory, just click below the picture and tell me what you think!
While you are here, please go and say hello to the MD at
he's a bit pissed off!


Anonymous said...

2nd time around.

Me likes, what more is there to say?

Saaleha said...

The cover looks great. You can almost feel the majick. I'll order from the local guys. If you're going to be listed on Amazon, they should have it too.

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hi dear Minx,

Still dancing to Vanga, Vanga are we???

I like your cover very much. It's not crowded or gaudy in any way. The colour works very well to highlight the design which is simple but infinite in its message.


Anonymous said...

Said it before, like the cover illustration very much - the pentacle always speaks volumes. Also think the choice of colour is excellent - again, tells its own story.
Tell me, any idea of cost of postage and packaging to places beyond your borders?
Oh yes, and said hello to MD.
Right, may I be excused now, Miss Minx? (I'm going anyway....)

Marie said...

I love it, Minx. I agree the choice of colour is excellent. I'll certainly be ordering in the near future.

Unknown said...

Thanks all. I am really proud of the cover. A lot of effort went into it and I didn't help Skint by playing the diva!!!

Ain't purple bootiful?