Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What's so funny?

Just had an email from this guy, so pop over to Scott Stein and give him your views (never mind that he can't spell 'humour' correctly).
All in a good cause, as he's teaching this, lucky git!


Maxine Clarke said...

Wonder how he got everyone's email address? I got one from him too, and so must Frank as he's posted on Books Inq about it. Spooky? Humourous with a U?

Glad you are there -- darn quiet in our corner of the blogosphere tonight. I've managed to post 4 posts as everyone is either out or watching Liverpool.

Unknown said...

Watching Liverpool do what?

And yes, tis spookily quiet these days.
So where are they?

Lee must be retrieving lost tomatoes.
Debi, of course, is away.
CFR - solving crime of great magnitude
Pundy - lost weight and suffering from anorexia winelessness
Marie - out biting necks
Skint - Hovis nibbling
Susan - rescuing mangy birds
Verilion - in the Bali's
Keris - oggling some young dude
Shameless - lost somewhere south of France
Even jta has buggered off and he's usually lurkin' about somewhere.

Yep, just you and me Maxine, well until Friday that is, when I also bugger off for me hols.

Anonymous said...

Nothing spooky going on. I just read Books, Inq regularly, and visited a bunch of sites on his blogroll to see if anyone was interested. So no coincidence that you both got an e-mail. I hope you don't mind. I'm enjoying your sites. As for spelling, I can't seem to get "flavor" right, either.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Minx, I wasn't even reading, I was watching "The F Word" with Ramsay taking Trinny and Susannah to slaughter just before the end...

But, I concluded that was almost a crime too, so I did make a post earlier, such a weak willed woman that I am.

I'm currently hoping they'll get smoked. Then I can hate them - such is my taste.

But I am reading a very interesting series at the moment, on book 4 out of 5, posts coming soon. Is that seasoning or bad teasing, I ask you?

Anonymous said...

Meant to ask, where are hols for you?

I'm not going until the end of November.

Unknown said...

No Scott and you probably stick in z's everywhere and have a dilemma about grey/gray. Not your fault you understand - we sent over most of our illiterate workforce in the 1800's. My own family couldn't spell 'Perranaworthal' so they plumped for the next town village along which was 'Lanner'- which they spelt 'Lanor' - see, easily done!

CFC - it is that 'Gypsy' time of year, who knows where the road will take us. We points the truck and the shed-on-wheels out of county and off we go. We have the best beaches in the land down here so we tend to end up in remote beachless places, hopefully with a few lumpy bits and trees. I like trees. Cornwall stuck all its trees down the mines, bit bare in that department!