Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh look, it's THAT meme (never one to be left out you understand)

One book that changed my life - 'Emmanuels Book' - Pat Rodegast. And no, not a sex book at all, as a friend asked when she saw it on the table. More of a manual for living comfortably in the universe -where have I seen that before? Anyway tis the Minx bible, of sorts!

One book that I have read more than once - ummm, loads but return to the classics regularly for a yearly fix, just finished 'Villette' - Charlotte Bronte (again).

One book I would want on a desert island - have to cheat here and say a note book, the biggest notebook I could find- a neverending notebook with a neverending pen. Would then be able to write my own book, poetry, gin scribbles etc to hearts content and not worry about getting rescued

One book that made me cry - 'The Pianist' - Wladyslaw Szpilman, truly brought me to my knees in places.

One book that made me laugh -'Carpe Jugulum' - Terry Pratchett, most of his books make me laugh out loud, very irritating for those around you. Loved the Igor character in this one, he had a lisp and a dog called Scwapps.

One book that I wish had never been written - 'Mutant Message Down Under' - Marlo Morgan. A very spirtually uplifting book that had quite an effect on me. I was horrified after when there was so much fuss about it's truth and wished that I had never read the bloody thing.

One book that I am currently reading (sorry don't do them in one's) ....
'Drinking Sapphire Wine - Tanith Lee (bedroom)
'Pandora Inn' - Lliam West (front room)
'The Philosopher Cat' - Kwong Kuen Shan (kitchen)
Oh and reading a bit of 'The Dog Catcher' - Alexei Sayle - in the garden this afternoon, nicked it off Big Fecker.

One book I've been meaning to read - most of the pile under the table by my bed but 'Porno' - Nick Hornby - is on the top, does that count?

Oh dear, what an odd list, oh well....


Anonymous said...

Eek, I get so distracted if I try just two books at one time - how do you do it?

As for what you'd take to the desert island - that's the best answer I've read yet.

Unknown said...

I have a butterfly mind with the attention span of a gnat on speed!
My 'front room' read has been neglected for weeks, hmm, wonder if I can blog and read, at the same time?

There also should have been a 'daily read' category - which obviously would have included Dick and Thess - me info boys.

And they missed out - 'what book would you save in a fire'? - that would be the family bible, 20lb's of 1876 leather bound personal history. Then again maybe not, wouldn't get out quick enough with that weight!

Lee said...

Cfc, I also read a lot of different books at once. Greed, maybe. Also, if I choose books from different periods and genres and styles, it helps to keep me from imitating when I'm writing.

eqcnhmlo! Arrgh - these verification codes are getting longer all the time.