Sunday, August 20, 2006

More than just cheese, apparently.

Took a break from ogling the weirdos in Glastonbury and ended up here at Cheddar, in the Mendips. The highest part of this spectacular gorge is over 500ft making them the highest inland cliffs in Britain. Mad abseiling goats can be seen all over the sheer cliffs along with humans who have lost their marbles - I kept my feet fimly planted on the ancient riverbed, thank you.
Further down the gorge are the showcaves, cathedral-like caverns carved out over a million years by Ice Age meltwaters. The constant temperature of 11 degrees all year made them an ideal place to store the ripening cheese that was made in the valley below. Thankfully that doesn't happen today as I like my cheese without the added bat droppings!
The photo above shows The Three Sisters, one of the higest parts and was taken from the top of a tour bus with added zoom and a crick in the neck!


Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Minx! Imagine - all that and good cheese too.

Marie said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing, Minx.

Unknown said...

Yes cheese, lots of cheese, a fridge full of cheese and nothing else. Still it will go nicely with the vat of cider that we brought back.
Dementia has invited herself around for a soiree. She thinks that Somerset cider is the same as the Magners that we have been topping up with Cassis -French style, donchaknow.
She's going to get a shock because this stuff will take the enamel off your teeth if you're not careful!

Kay Cooke said...

Hi Minx - Thanks for dropping by - I am repaying the visit - it's been fun. I will put you on my bloglines and keep in touch.

Unknown said...

Thank you Chief of the Biscuit Clan, nice to have a link to the other side!