Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat two!

There are vegans in the house.

Contrary to popular opinion they have not got more energy than their carnivorous neighbours. My family has been up and about for hours but the two fruit bats are still asleep, snoring their heads off under a feather filled duvet - heh!

They are a seasonal favour, friends of a friend in London, who needed a bed for a couple of nights.
They are a lovely young couple but the first words they uttered were "We're vegan, hope it won't be a problem".

Don't get me wrong, I'm mostly vegetarian myself (I don't process meat too well, so to speak), but I am not adverse to the odd meaty treat in the steak department, but this is taking it to extreme! So far they have grated up a few cabbages and have emptied my fruit basket twice over. They shun hot drinks, in favour of some sort of greeny powder.

My fridge is full of dairy delights and animal offcuts, we like our full cream milk and our bacon with a good slab of fat on it. When I stay anywhere else, I make sure that I have a stock of 'quick foods' that I can replace the meat with and not offend my host.

What did they come with? Nothing, not a bean or a lentil burger in sight! Well no that's not true, they came with a suitcase full of supplements to replace all those natural vitamins and minerals that they are denying themselves!

They are leaving today and I have just found the ideal last supper (see picture above).

Not a scrap of meat in sight and no animal products - I'm sure they will love it!


Marie said...

I was a vegetarian for 18 years until I became really anaemic. That soon scared me into eating meat again, though I don't touch red meat (apart from lamb's liver occasionally, which is really high in iron).

Jude said...

Visitors! I am a vegetarian- tried to be vegan for a bit but gave up- verything tasted like cardboard- or what I guessed cardboard would taste like.

Unknown said...

Marie, I eat loads of dried apricots to keep my iron count up but have to limit my meat intake to about twice a month - a bacon sandwich does the trick!

Jude, hello and welcome. I think everyone is entitled to make their own choices about diet. These two, bless 'em, have just fallen into a fad and I'm sure cardboard would be a tasty morsel for them!

I think we were designed to eat a little bit of everything. You have to be quite imaginative, even as a vegetarian. Vegans lack this, I feel, and they definitely look on the sicker side of healthy! Wonder if they would like a nice plate of stew and dumplings?

Anonymous said...

was tempted but not going to raise to the bait, you can lose good friends that way

stop engaging in dietism

Lee said...

Two of my sons were vegetarians for close to 15 years but at least not vegans, which meant some very frustrating cooking rituals for me - mostly the proverbial double trouble. Naturally, now that they've moved away from home - sort of - they eat meat.

Unknown said...

Dietism? Me?

What I was trying to say was that you have to make informed choices about what you put in your body - I do!
These two haven't. They also have decidely bad taste in tie-dye clothes and all my linen now smells of patchouli oil! They didn't want a pot noodle either...wonder why?

Unknown said...

minx - you are awful, but I like you ;¬)

Anonymous said...

You mean you didn't take back loads of Cheddar so they could gorge on it?
(Or is that out for vegans? I'm never sure.)

Anonymous said...

My Mom and Dad lived to reach 85 years old. My aunts and uncles made it into their 80's and 90's.

They ate all types of meats and in large quantities....lets see how Vegans make out in the life span department...in say 50 years.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cailleach, you're awful too!

No cheddar CFR, no Brie, no Camembert, no Lancashire, no fun at all in the cheese department!

And Steve, my Granny Annie smoked for seventy five years, she died at 95 with a packet of Black Cats in her apron pocket, and was buried with them! No every bad thing kills you off early!

Unknown said...

Has anybody got any ideas as to how me Pot Noodle pot sunk into the post below. I have tried to tidy it up but it won't play the game - sorry about the mess!

Anonymous said...

It must be connected to the lower post. Hit edit and cut out the codes for the soup and put them on a seperate post. you will need to re-publish for the new post and the correction to appear.

My Dad smoked Black Cats for decades!

Hmmm said...

Hello Minx
Please have a look at The Vegan Village and
The Vegan Society These are just two links from the many available out there. At the age of 16 my daughter became a vegan after reading about the veal trade and the inhumane practice inherent in the milk industry. That was sixteen years ago. I however took longer to see the cruelty and when I did there was no turning back. My daughter is a brilliant cook and has never been anaemic even during her recent pregnancy, and has never taken supplements.
Hope this helps you to understand where these two young people who you patronised are coming from.
Love and Peace

Susan said...

Personally, I find smiling abhorrent. Meet you over at Ted's place, Minx! Hugs and Kisses!

Unknown said...

Hello Hmmm, long time no see!
I am sorry if my sense of humour got in the way of a quite serious issue here.
What I was trying to say was that these two have NOT made any informed choices at all. In talking to them I found that they have just fallen in love with the word 'Vegan' with no idea as to what it really means. Up until a couple of months ago they were living off MacDonalds! They are 27 and 29 and their parents are still worried about them as they seem to lurch aimlessly from one thing to another.

I care deeply about what my own family are eating. All our meat and veg comes from a local organic farm run by friends. With two of us suffering from Gilberts Syndrome it is vital that we keep our food as 'pure' as it can be and it has to be varied. I make my own bread, cakes, biscuits etc and make most meals from scratch. Dairy products, especially yogurt, are helpful to my condition as is a small amount of animal fat. I have never eaten a Pot Noodle in my life but would not be adverse to having one in an emergency!

This post was not a real dig at Vegans, (well just two pseudo-Vegans) - just a quirky look at the ways of the world - which is usually what my blog is all about!

I'm coming Susan...wait for me!!

Leo Damascus said...


Vegetables are murder!