Monday, August 28, 2006

The Art of Meike de Nooy

Approaching Storm - Meike de Nooy

I first came across Meike's work through Buntifers blog. It took me a while to realise that this waterpolo playing goalie also had hands that could produce some fine pieces of art.
Check out her eclectic site here - links to art at the side.


Beach Bum said...

Hi Minx - thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.Those guys at Pasty .com are fast. I just heard from them one minute about them wanting to link my site and, whoosh, I get a post from you! Guess your vegan friends won't be ordering steakies from them though! Fascinating site you have, you pensmith you.

Beach Bum

Unknown said...

Hey Bum!

Pasty. co - surprisingly unsluggish considering the lard!

Rarely get to eat a steaky these days due to enforced vegetable eating. Once in while I makes a pilgrimage to Hampsons in Hayle - the one and only!!

Nooy said...

I'm so very honoured to be up on your site! :) you picked my latest favourite, that is always nice!! And to have my site described which such a nice enlgish word aseclectic is very pleasing too *grins* Americans should really start using english when they speak!

Unknown said...

I love this one Meike, very powerful as is a lot of your work - I'm a fan!
Americans don't cope with spoken English English - too many gorgeous, lovely adjectives!

Anonymous said...

That picture, Approaching Storm, is just magnificent.

Man, that could inspire a thousand stories. How wonderful to be so talented.

Unknown said...

She is...go see!

Unknown said...

@ meike. Found an old piece of art. Signed by M. De Nooy. 1965. Could it be yours? Drawing with pencil. Don't know what to do with it.