Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Into the blue

No photo's to show you where I have been today because Blogger won't let me! You'll have to use that well developed imagination of yours.

I swam for two hours off Kynance Cove, a haven of white sand and aquamarine sea - bliss. The only place to be, in a county that has never heard of leaving the windows open to let the air through. It had been hot, sticky hot, since dawn and after dropping Small Fecker off to his last day at school, I escaped on my own for an early dip.

Being a peninsula, Cornwall is prone to rip tides and dangerous currents where the Channels meet, but Kynance is blessed with a rocky outcrop that protects a lagoon-like pool. No surf here for the board boys, just peace, the sound of waves and salt in your hair!

The beach was nearly empty this morning, except for some twonk looking for 'treasure' with one of those metal detectors. His constant beeping nearly led me to commit beach murder, but he gave up when his batteries died and wasn't replaced by anything annoying.

Last year we watched the basking sharks off this beach. Their huge dark bodies looming harmlessly in the shallows, with unbeliveable mouths that seemed to suck in everything around them. Today I swam out to the rocks that usually serve as cushions for the seals. None today, only a shoal of mackeral that brushed against my legs as I made my way back to shore, and back to reality!


Unknown said...

Oh, that sounds iydllic! There is a similar cove to yours on the west coast of Ireland called Keem Bay on Achill Island. You approach it from a high mountain road, so you can appreciate (on a fine sunny day of course) the beautiful pure greeny/blue colour of the water inviting you to get down there as fast as you can to the horsehoe inlet.

What a place. And, there's a beautiful mountain behind it you can climb in about an hour and 1/2 to appreciate the view out to the Atlantic, complete with ever present sheep.

Must go back there soon!

Unknown said...

Oh, looks lovely Cailleach, I love dramatic coastlines!
I have only been to Ireland once before, Dublin - on a Guiness Cruise!! - so I didn't see much! I long to go back and I will put this on my list of 'wants'.

Unknown said...

Guinness cruise! I like that one :)