Sunday, June 25, 2006

This cup

This cup has served me well
Its cheeky countenance embraces a life
where chips and knocks add character,
never losing the essence that makes it....
my cup

My cup is strong,
forged from the earth to withstand the
hot and cold of my temper
It has seen me through disaster
The grief, flood and famine of my years
A cup for all seasons

You may think this a funny cup
a humorous cup
a cup bereft of feeling
but this old cup is fragile,
sometimes it requires soft cloths
and gentle hands

But here,
take a sip
not a gulp
just a taste......

.....Do you see?


Anonymous said...

Nice. Nice cup, too.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Susan said...

Lovely poem but I'm sure you're even more beautiful than the cup that stands in for you! I see you more as my own favourite cup, fragile, petite, floral. I've just taken another portrait of you and I'll post it on my blog in a few minutes!

Marie said...

That's lovely, Minx.

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. As I said, e-mail me whenever you like.

Debi said...

Your words are beautiful, Minx.
Unlike Susan, I don't see you as fragile at all. We all have our vulnerabilities, but you're an Amazonian warrior woman-poet - with a nice line in cups ...

Unknown said...

Just got in from a mare of a day and am now wiping coffee splutter from the screen.
I will just adjust my leathers before delicately fluttering off to make another cup!

Think I'd better post up a 'mug shot' of the real me to shatter all these outrageous illusions!!

Susan said...

Now I'm feeling guilty. I don't see you as frail or weak at all - I see you as elegant and delicate. After all bone china is remarkably resiliant for all of its fragile appearance! Also, I really like it and so what better representation of a person I instinctively like?

Anonymous said...

That's one cool cup. Is it Clarice Cliffe or something along those lines?

Unknown said...

Oh don't feel guilty Susan, I have suffered from delusions of elegance my whole life!

Unknown said...

Yes, yes Sharon, Clarice Cliff - 'Bizarre Ware' rules ok, but unfortunately not in my house!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem and a lovely cup, Minx. I recently broke one of my precious Clarice Cliff mugs and almost cried. And there aren't even any on ebay! How can that be?!

Unknown said...

I inherited 'Tonquin', a Clarice Cliff dinner service from my beautiful parents. It is a post- war set, kind of a 'brown willow' pattern, not worth an awful lot but it does have her name all over it.
Now, what I'd really like is.....