Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cornish for beginners

I was just wondering how to explain the inticacies of the Cornish dialect when the MD handed me his 'Touring Team Language Guide'.
Big Fecker has played rugby since he was six and touring sides have often had trouble with the terms used by supporters on the line. The MD cleverly made this guide to aid understanding of our rich and varied idiolect (maybe idiot-lec!).
Please remember that the best way to insult a Cornishman is to associate the Cornish accent with anything south of Bristol - not so!
Please note that to speak properly the following words and phrases must be spoken at the speed of light.

Gottunavee........Are you in possession of the ball?

Getthebuggerowt.......that chap is offside, kindly remove him from the ruck.

Knawimdoee.....Do you know who that fellow is?

Passenowt...Please pass the ball

Givusunere......May I have the ball please?

Givunasmack/smackgotoee.....It is time to inflict retribution for a previous transgression.

Avimboy...Inflict a hard challenge on that fellow

Bringundown......Tackle that chap to the ground

Gettunlow...It may be prudent to tackle that fellow around the legs

Whatthehellareeedoinof.....I fear you are not playing to your full potential

Blindaree.....It would appear that you were unable to see that incident referee.

The club motto is in the Cornish Language, which about five people speak.
An Gwary Ha Tra Nahen .....The Game and Nothing Else


Anonymous said...

Ah well - the battle is lost the F word is out of the box and wreaking havoc - it's power is too immense, even for our esteemed guru, Shri Minx to resist

Anonymous said...

it's = its :-( (the shame)

Unknown said...

Shri Minx say:
"If you cannot avoid the bastards then you must play them at their own game and learn thyself the offside rule".

(England sat down on this one, they could have popped in few more - bored by half time!)

qaiz said...

Pretty cool.. i'm going to sound really ignorant here.. but are these real words in a language or just made-up? (you can tell i haven't travelled much..)


Unknown said...

The Cornish have their own language (the club motto). The rest of the words are ordinary English words bastardised by a thickly spoken accent with the weird add-ons that English dialects are so fond of.

Gottunavee/ Got it have you

Whatthehellareedoinof/what the hell are you doing of/what do you think you are doing

Blindaree/are you blind

I am just as ignorant about American accents Majnuun, I can distinguish a New York twang, a southern drawl and the lazier, laid back tones of the west coast. I suppose the Cornish accent would compare best to Southern where the words seem to flow into one another?