Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Must be true, been cursed, and cursing, all day.
It started with the car this morning. The Twat Magnet was blaring and attracting all sorts of undesirables one of which only missed my bumper thing by a matter of milli-inches.
Once at work I found that some twonk had spilt coffee all over my profiles that had taken me three weeks and my early morning blog check was thwarted by the builders putting a drill through the connection. Not happy and it's only 8pm!

Hearing aids blighted the rest of my morning and the only bright spot was this:

Minx - 'I'm taking out your aids, they need cleaning.'
A (aged 4) - 'What say?'
M - 'Your aids need cleaning, I'm taking them out.'
A - 'Eh, what say?'
A - 'What? Can't hear you, you've taken off my aids.'

Then someone sat on my sandwich at lunchtime - not funny, I like my food and had to eat a 'bummed' egg and tomato pancake.
This afternoon we discovered that the heating was still on (that's county policy for you, melt them in summer, freeze their balls off in winter) and the room hit about 99 degrees, kids were dropping like flies! Terrible mess.

Got home to find that the dog had pooed in the kitchen (old age), there was no milk, blogger had just died with no warning and I couldn't write a bean on the novel because I'd lost the will to live.
A dose of Big Brother made me feel so normal and I think that I shall just have to write into the night because I dare not go to sleep!!


Susan said...

:-( Words are inadequate!

Anonymous said...


do you realise that if you give each letter of minx a value according to its position in the alphabet and then add them up the toal is 60

then there are 3 words in the inner minx, so write the sum down 3 times
i.e. 606060

then because 0 is nothing, remove them

then you're left with 666

oo-er - scary . . .

Debi said...

Skint - your capacity for dispalcement activity is inspirational! How long did that take you?
Minx - ouch. Some days are better written off ... Hope life's improving.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, people in the US were rushing to the bookies to place bets on the world ending yesterday. What I'd like to know is who they thought was going to pay them and how they'd actually spend the money? Some folks, eh!

qaiz said...

Evil.. what a wonderful thing - otherwise how would we put all that Good to good use.. ?! :)

Unknown said...

Skint is this what happens when you loiter about all day? Think I'll stick to full time work!

Anyway it's all a load of claptrap because some little devil got into blogger yesterday and tried to take over the world on the wrong day!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an accomplished loiterer, it's an art form - don't knock it . .

(does this mean blogger's back?)

Unknown said...

Apparently not - word is that Bloggers over- dingled ornicarbunculators are playing up again.

Maxine Clarke said...

And Blogger itself is disgracefully quiet. On the blogger page the last piece of "news" is that maintenance message from November 14. And on "blogger buzz" where they tell you to go for news about blogger, the last posting is somethign about Jean Luc Picard and Star Trek (who they, ed?) posted 14 may.
I ask you.
Minx, btw, if you are really thinking of moving, Wordpress is the free one, Typepad is the one you have to pay for after a 30 day trial (about 2 pounds a month). I can't see much difference between them myself, and I sort of wish I hand't gone with Typepad now, although it is fine it is 2 pounds a month more expensive than wordpress! But I can't face moving again, although it was "easy" to import the blogger text it did not do comments (which I wanted to keep so I put them in manually); it still took a while to do all the sidebar links, etc....
But worth it in the end!