Sunday, May 07, 2006

Poetry Challenge

I challenge you to challenge me to write a poem for you.

Here are the rules....

1. Leave one word/idea/concept in the comments box and I will attempt to write something/anything about it (mostly stupid, unless inspired)

2. Do not expect miracles, they never happen and I'm not that talented!

3. Foul language, sexual innuendo will all be considered and then rejected to the slush pile! I'm not that sort of blog.

4. No suggestions of fluffy bunnies or fields of dancing daffodils please!

Haven't got a clue whether this will work but it has made me forget about yesterday's abject misery so who cares!!!



Anonymous said...

Red wheelbarrow, white chicken, rain.

Unknown said...

Somehow I knew this would draw you out of the cave jta, and thanks for such an easy one!!!!

skint writer said...

Something about Wales, without mentioning sheep, chapel, rugby, Aled Jones, Catherine Zeta, Tom or Neil Kinnock :)

Anonymous said...

Easy? No way. Now Skint's--there's a toughie. But obviously, you're up to it.

Maxine Clarke said...


(or failing that, one of those b***** comment verification thingys that get harder and harder with every glass!)