Tuesday, May 16, 2006

50 (useless) bits of information!

  1. I love sleepy kisses
  2. I hate eye bogeys
  3. I loathe parsnips
  4. and prunes
  5. but I love food
  6. I hate walking for no reason
  7. I love walking on the beach in winter
  8. I could buy shoes every day of the year
  9. I would like to read more crap
  10. I would like to really understand poetry
  11. I love Cornwall because we're so cut off
  12. I hate Cornwall because we're so cut off
  13. I love the smell of petrol
  14. I hate tights
  15. and I hate my legs in them even more
  16. I can't stand rudeness
  17. I like swearing and do it once an hour
  18. I love the sea
  19. I love swimming
  20. I hate being on the sea
  21. I wish we were born without toenails
  22. I hate cold hands and hot heads
  23. I wait until my burnt toast is cold before buttering
  24. I like being cuddled even if I'm not upset
  25. I like fire
  26. I hate fireworks
  27. I lust after baldies
  28. I love the smell of wet earth
  29. I hate the smell of wet dog
  30. I adore chocolate
  31. I hate babies knees
  32. I wish I was braver about spiders
  33. I think I could kill someone who harmed my family
  34. I want the truth
  35. but I can lie like a snake
  36. I can spend two hours in the bath
  37. I hate plucking anything
  38. I drink too much on Sundays
  39. and not enough on Saturdays
  40. I have to drink to do the ironing
  41. I love the MD (Main Driver)
  42. and the Feckers
  43. and the cat and the dog
  44. I'm partial to the postman
  45. I like my comfy bed attire
  46. I adore my pointy boots
  47. I can't live without tea
  48. I can't live without a pen and book
  49. I hate writing
  50. I love writing


Marie said...

I hate spiders!

Unknown said...

I don't hate them, I just wish they wouldn't move!!

Maxine Clarke said...

What happened to the poor old milkman?!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

"I wish we were born without toenails"

Well, I don't have toenails on my left foot. So I guess I win halfway?