Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Gooder Writing 3


Alliteration - lascivious liberal litterings left lovingly lonesome.

Orality - boing words.

Cliche - avoid this old chestnut like the plague.

e.g (exempli gratia) - a fee example.

i.e (id est) - what I mean is...

etc (et cetera) - blah, blah, blah.

Capitals - standy out kind of words (also denotes shouting).

Homonyms - words of the same sex.

Grammar - clever writing.

Double negatives - do not use none of these not ever.

Noun - proper, common, abstract, collective kinds of things.

Pronoun - a professional noun.

Split infinitives - try not to ever split them up.

Tense - past, present and future tension.

Verbs - has got to agree with their subjects

Dialect - local yokel speak.

Idiolect - as above with added sociolinguistic and cultural distinction (hah, weren't expecting that were you?)


Carla said...

I like your definition of 'idiolect' :-)

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did you get that from?

Unknown said...

I'm not known as 'The Queen of Crap' for nothing. Before blogging I used to get bored between chapters, I got a whole bag of 'Minx Terminology'. The last one I did was about Homework and a friend's son put it in the school newsletter. The Head added a disclaimer at the bottom telling the kids that it was in fact a JOKE!! Oops.