Sunday, April 02, 2006

Does my English look big in this?

I was never really sure what I was going to use this blog for. I know some post up short stories and pieces of prose, poems etc for general consumption and even a whole novel but I haven't got to that level of frustration yet.
Maybe it's time to spill a few of my literary beans so will start small and see how I get on. This tiny snippet lies deep within 'Coven of One' , a fantasy novel set in a world akin to ours in the 17th century.

"The power inside the Hexenbanner was tangible, there as it always had been. She called and it had answered her in the deepest part of the darkest night.
As I watched, helpless and bound in certain death, the witch turned widdershins, calling the name of Morrigan, Morrigan the death bringer. The Hag battled the Maiden and I thought that all was surely lost. She drew animus and anima from all around, male and female spirit coming to her like trained slathering dogs and the resulting maleficium watch truly ghastly to the watching eye.
No enemy was left standing in the cold light of day, rent limb from limb in her furious blast.
And I? That night I witnessed the birth and death of a truewitch and lived to tell the tale."


pundy said...

Minx, your English looks just fine.

Unknown said...

Many thanks Pundy, my man, just been talking about you.