Saturday, March 25, 2006

Where art thou Eden?

Eden disappeared in a haze of fog for most of the day, so
amused myself with the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit my chosen profession. Man in knickerbockers took first prize in the 'Didn't bother to look in the mirror this morning to see just how ridiculous I look' and the 'Mad Professor' award went to a woman who thought it best to co-ordinate whole wardrobe and hair in shades of orange. The real mad professor, who was as mad as a snake, looked rather normal and almost fooled me for a minu
te until he started to read from someone else's notes!

A piece of sensible information
The Eden Project, in case you don't know, is a feat of incredible engineering and imagining in a disused clay pit near St Austell. The £86m biomes (the things that look like flies' eyes) are giant greenhouses that hold a temperate zone and a humid /tropical zone. Nothing can describe the sheer magnitude of this place and it has been called 'the largest rain forest in captivity'. As some people had travelled as far afield as Eigg (where?) it must have been more than disappointing to have the whole thing smothered in a good old case of Cornish mizzle - fog and fine rain!
The whole place is dotted with sympathetic art and sculpture and makes you realise what human beings can achieve when they act on a hunch.
Oh fuck, starting to sound like a travel brochure, but it was good.

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