Friday, March 24, 2006

Eden, my Eden

Fantastic conference at the Eden Project, want Tim Smit as my new:
1) Dad
2) Non-sexual partner
3) Boss
4)Best friend
The man could give me reasons to get out of the nest in the morning and give my life purpose. With no script, notes or powerpoints the man captivated two hundred people by the end of his first sentence. No wonder this man has just built the eighth wonder of the known universe, people probably work for him out of love and devotion.
The man aside it was a pleasure to once again return to a place I hold dear to my heart. I remember looking down into the half built biomes and the barren soil in early 2001 (locals had a sneaky peeky before the big opening day) and being blown away by the sheer magnitude of the place. Not terribly greenfingered, I was nonetheless impressed by the newly planted 'wasps eyes' and over the next few years I watched the place grow and grow. The MD and I have attended the evening Eden Sessions - Moby, Badly Drawn Boy, Air, and narrowly missed a nasty concussion a piece at the temporary ice rink - best attended at night with a few drinks on board.
Too tiredy now to tell more as I'm back again tomorrow at Eden for part two. Will post some pics of the place soon so that the philistines will know what I'm talking about.

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