Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Waiting Room

The febrile dream was a constant.
She woke with the remains of a half-remembered passion sitting among the beads of sweat that adorned her top lip.
Pushing aside the damp sheets she found the bathroom mirror that told a story that was only half true.
The deep brown eyes still held the nights passion but the rest of her face had failed to catch it.

Water only made the fever worse, a cleansing that started a whole new day, but the same old story.

As the coffee stirred itself into action, small snapshots of the night invaded her thoughts.
"Was this really so difficult?"

The day passed in a heaviness of deft organisation, global conversation and more coffee. The business lay in her capable hands, nurtured by a life un-interrupted.
Lunch produced another perfume laden suit, crisply starched with facts and figures. Totally un-suitable.

The 'ping' indicating that supper was ready was wedged in between soft tones that calmed a client and shouting at Boston to get their finger out before the close of play.

Midnight sent the last of the emails hurtling into the ether and then it was time.

The ache often found her here before sleeping, the emptiness of her world, devoid of touch and grace and the intense pain of invisible love that covered the sheets in the waiting room.


mac said...

She is both sexy and tenebrific at once.
Maybe the dichotomy is what I find attractive. Or, perhaps, I just like your writing here ;-)

Unknown said...

Did you have a dictionary for breakfast, mac?
Glad you like it but she's a bit of a sad cow!

mac said...

No. But, I did snack on a thesaurus after work. I was delicious, exqisite, tasty, savory, and, umm, yummy.

Unknown said...

You Merkan's, tut, always dropping yer 'u's - it's 'savoury'.
Hey Mac, a friend gave me a lovely word the other day - mallemaroking.
It means singing loudly, carousing.

mac said...

Yeah, our spelling behavior is slighly different.

I have never heard that word before. I'll file it in my memory bank for some unfortunate immolation's ears.

Sac Hermes Kelly said...

I really can't handle how sad I am over him dying. On the bright side, I can always drown my sorrows in fan fiction.

Also, I just read this article in Wired magazine & this quote made me happy.

'Harry Potter revealed a mass audience for fantasy that nobody was aware of, not even the people who were part of it. We were legion, and we didn’t even know it. Dostoevsky once said, “We all crawled out from under Gogol’s ‘Overcoat,’” and it’s just as true to say that we all crawled out from under Harry’s cloak of invisibility. He made being a fantasy nerd cool. Or, no, that’s not quite right. We didn’t change. The world changed around us: Harry Potter made everyone a little bit uncool.'

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