Friday, December 12, 2008

pee ess

Better late than never.
Here is a picture of my screwdrivers. A girl should never be seen without the very latest in screwdriving accessories!

I am not around at the moment because Big Fecker has very kindly shared his ghastly flu disease with me - he is no longer in my will and I won't be washing his socks for the next month.

Please help yourself to a drink while I am quietly dying and leave me a stupid comment to cheer me up!


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gawd.
Fuzzy Screwdrivers.
Isn't that some sort of frou-frou bar drink with an umbrella?

Ew. Wash the socks in self defense :) After a month they will take to walking about on their own.

Sorry about your having a bit of the plague. I thought hex screwdrivers were good for warding off that sort of thing...

bulletholes said...

Hah-hahaha-hah- you made me laugh this time...really laugh!
I still got an idea you are a Capricorn.

Unknown said...

Don't be silly, Leslie, the Fuzzy Screwdriver has ice, a slice and a spanner in it. It is a 'Death by torque wrench' that has a screwdriver in it.

You are laughing at my widdle fwuffy scwewdrivers, Bullets? How cruel.
Seeing as it is my birthday next month I guess that makes me a gorgeous goat. I have horns, yes I do.

Debi said...

No sock washing for a month? What, neither pair?

bulletholes said...

They look so ...pubic.
They have Pubic Feathers!!!

Unknown said...

Three screws at once! Greedy Minx!

red dirt girl said...

stupid men ....

feathered screwdrivers are for turning out screw-balls: as in - "There's the door, honey. No, no need to leave a forwarding address ..."

When in true need, real women use REAL TOOLS: not imitations.

Imagine a romantic evening watching a screw-ball attempt to spit out feathers ???

geesh .......


red dirt girl said...

ps. i'm having water whilst i make you a pot of tea, luv.
can i fluff your pillows?

(sorry, couldn't resist one more for the mule team)

please get well soon .... i'm feeling your pain - truly. healing intentions have been airmailed. and a vanilla solstice candle lit.

much love

Unknown said...

OMG! Those screwdrivers are wearing tutus - I've heard of the dance of the nutcrackers, so I guess you're now going to give us the samba of the screwdrivers. Right? You are, aren't you?! Nudge, nudge!

Sorry you've been hit by the dreaded lurgy, take good care of yourself and be well soon. Sending healing light your way.

fatboysblogg said...

Think yourself lucky it's not MAN FLU.

red dirt girl said...

Hello Minxy love,

I do hope you are able to at least crawl out of bed !! Without permission, I'm going to take up some blog space of yours ....

basically Steve of bulletholes fame - is in the hospital. Diagnosed with acute diabetes (apparently not noticed during the last 6 months or so).

If you get a chance, please stop by his blog and leave a well wish. And spread the word ...


Unknown said...

Tis an idle threat, Debi, his socks live under the bed - everyone knows that!

They are in desperate need of a wax, Bullets, and should you be thinking about that when you are surrounded by nurses.
Get well soon, Mr Bullets.

Greedy, John G, I think not!

No worries, Muley, I have real ones as well and I can use 'em! And thanks for the headsup for Bullets - have sent a get well wish and have purchased a nursey outfit!

Caught, Vanilli, and thank you.

Definitely womanflu, FB, I am up and about and doing the domestics again!

Roberta said...

Back from Florida. Husband has been informed. As much as stub your toe and you are in a home, buddy.

I hope you feel better Minxy. I love you.

Roberta said...
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ankyonline said...

wow quite interesting

Bee said...

Those look so shiny and fluffy . . . and somehow *dirty*.

Hope your flu is lifting, poor Minxie.

soubriquet said...

Reuters: Cornwall, England,.. Latest.

"Mystery parrot-screwer strikes again."
Latest victim said to be "extremely flustered"
Our reporter interviewed one of the victims, a macaw named Joey, who said "Who's a pretty boy then? Awwwk!"

Unknown said...

I am nearly flu-less now, Roberta, thank you, and sending some love and stuff back.

You look suspiciously like blogspam, Mr Ank - convince me otherwise.

All tools are dirty, Bee, and designed to break our poor little nails. At least these look nice when they fall out of your handbag.

Nothing mysterious about them, Soub, Cornball is populated with screwed parrots!