Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Noo Noo

When I am upset, crying over a soppy film, missing someone, pissed off with the world or just plain cold, I dig out my noo noo.

I have heard that some people call their noo noo's something else (very silly, a noo noo is a noo noo) but essentially they all do the same job. Whether they are a raggy old pair of slippers, a holey blanket, a favourite pair of socks or flanelette pajamas with a rip in the crutch they all give us a bit of comfort when there is no one else around for a hug.

Mine takes the form of a rather eccentric cardigan that I knitted about ten years ago. Not fit for public consumption because of its tendency to grow larger every year, I throw it on when I feel that I need a cuddle, or some comfort.

I'm sitting here now wearing my noo noo because the rain is pounding outside and I can't get to sleep and was just wondering what your noo noo is and don't tell me you haven't got one.



Yodood said...

My noo noo mechanism must be quite fickle. I have things I do or wear that satisfy the same melancholy you seem to suggest, but they are always the latest faves such as wearing a tee shirt from a dear friend, or visiting my blog buds, or play mah jong. My clothes are too few to last as long as you describe.

Unknown said...

I uased to think I was odd, Yodood, (no need for imput here) that I keep some clothes for years and years but a friend's noo noo are a pair of sweatpants that she's had for 25 years!

Debi said...

You you are my noo noo and I'm cuddling you as we speak.

Unknown said...

My multiple teddy bears are my noo noos, then and the odd jersey that's sloppy enough to cuddle into.
Sending hugs, in case the noo noo is not enoughoo

Roberta said...

My son told me just this past Sunday that I need to throw my noonoo out and get a new one.

I asked him how old was he?

Hoodie said...

The only "noo noo" I'd ever heard of was the vacuum on Teletubbies.

But, using your definition, my hubby is my noo noo, and if he's not available it's usually the polar fleece blanket I got as an early teen. It's horribly ugly and I love it.

Lilwave said...

I wish my Noo Noo was the snuggly kind but mine would have to be the smell of my oil paints and sitting at the beach/ocean. They are my devices that help me travel back to a very peaceful time in my childhood which instantly brings me comfort. (lol I suddenly got an image of me sitting at the beach sniffing paint...not what I meant)

Admin said...

I definitely have a few noo noos!

Unknown said...

Oooh, Debi, that's lovely.

I could with a human noo noo, Vanilli, but will make doo with me comfy noo.

No! No throwing out of the noo noo, Roberta, they are important to adults, very important.

That is a very stupid noo noo, Hoodie, we shall ignore that one. Who wants to cuddle up with a vacuum?

That is still a noo, Lilwave, I guess we all revert to childhood when we need to.

Oh come on, Vesp, spill the beans and tell us.

doctawho42 said...

hee hee. noo noo.
Mine is a raggedy doll my grandma gave me. Its head is nearly, but not quite, ripped off.

Unknown said...

I had a silk scarf when i was a kid, but nothing now!

Hoodie said...

This is the only "noo noo" I'd ever heard of. I don't cuddle with my vacuum. :)

bulletholes said...

Sad to say I got no noo-noo. When I feel bad its like I ain't never felt good my whole life and when I feel can see it rollin off of me.
I don't let myself get to where I need a noo-noo.

Anonymous said...

Mostly my noo noo is a cup of coffee and a spritz of Chanel.

But if I could imagine a special noo noo for me me, I would think of a four poster bed, high off the ground that vaguely resembles the Princess and the Pea, with lots of squishy pillows and cotton everything, and comforters and featherbeds and quilts and books, all so deep that I almost disappear beneath them.

red dirt girl said...

a pair of ratty, old, red flannel pajama pants with white snowflakes on them.

Yes to hole in the crotch.
Yes to stretched out waistline, having survived two pregnancies.
Yes to widened hips to hold onto said jammies.
Yes to the unfortunate few who have seen my noo noo and screamed in horror.
Curses on the friend who declared them unfit even for a circus clown.

And for the lover who laughed at my noo noo??? well, let's just say: she who laughs last, laughs the best!

xxx and hugs,
i'm with ya, girlfriend

Unknown said...

I'm not going to ask about the head, Docta, - have you seen Toystory?

Liar, liar, pants on fire, John G - I see a noo noo scarf in your avatar!

THAT IS NOT A NOO NOO, Hoodie, it is fake, don't watch it.

Noo noo times are not necessarily slit-yer-wrists times, Bullets. Just times when you want to pull the quilt up and snuggle down with a whiskey and some chocolate.

Oooh, Leslie, expensive kind of noos! I am indulging in a coffee kind of noo now but that is mostly to try and bring me back to the world!

The noo noo laughing lover needs a smack across the head, Mulefriend.
A word of warning though - don't ever take the kids to school in comfy bedwear even if you think no one will see. I broke down. Enough said.

Unknown said...

Minx, that's a prize from my friend Beccy! My old one was silk so naa,naa,nee,naa,naa!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a noo noo (unless you count The Mench - who is not really a wearable - but he has one. It's an old football jersey -- well actually broomball jersey -- his own from when he played -- and you know he sick or sad if you see him in it.

soubriquet said...

No no noo noo, Minsk. When I was little, i.e, smaller than I am now, I suppose the person in noo-noo place was my trusty teddy bear, Ted Edward. Ted Edward had a fleet of arctic trawlers operating out of grimsby, which were big in the bincontyle and boncontyle fisheries. You won't know about them, but Ted Edward told me all about it. In fact, boncontyle oil is even better than cod liver oil for warding off winter. The official story is that Ted got flooded out in the winter of 2001, and did not survive the subsequent mould in his much patched body. In fact, I think he took himself off, in his last remaining trawler, on a final voyage into the southern ocean, to whalesong and blue icebergs. He'll be there still.
He looked after me for a lot of years. (It was I who performed major surgery, when he had a growl transplant in the late seventies), I think he left me enough of that bear wisdom to survive. Even now, at tough times, I hear his growly voice, offering support and unwavering loyalty.

Taffiny said...

hmm, not sure here:
partially my ipod, (if I am a baby, that be my bottle)
certainly food more than it should be, (comfort food, got the jelly belly to prove it)
I love all pjs, and my pillow, and I have the softest pink blanket, but...because I am partial to just my own germs, these items don't leave my bed, so I can't walk about the house in my pj's or cuddle with the blanket on the sofa.
Also on the bed is an old black t-shirt, it is cotton but feels like silk. I found it in my mom's attic when I was a teenager (I don't know whose it was). I used to wear it but it wouldn't have survived if I kept that up. Anyway ever since that day, the t-shirt has been with me. I keep it on my bed, and sometimes when I can't sleep I will hold it, or run my fingertips over its silky ends. My husband makes fun of me for it, calls it my blankey. And I give him hell if he sleeps on it.
Even when I haven't touched it for a year, still, I wash it from time to time then put it back on the bed, and I still take it with me (along with my other linens) whenever we go on trips. I am not certain what purpose it serves, but certainly it serves some purpose.

Unknown said...

My noo noo is my bed. All of it :)

Roberta said...

Ohhh I just had to tell you!

Today was a Noo Noo day!

The wind was howling and the rain was flying sideways and splattering the windows like rocks. Noo Noo and I curled up in bed and watched The Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and then Steel Magnolias (back to back). I laughed, I cried, I ate chocolate icecream bonbons.

So happy not to have thrown my noo noo out.


Unknown said...

Stop avoiding your noo noo side, John G, scarves are nooish!

That's when we need them, Pengelly, sad or sick times, or when we are just in need of some deep down comfort.

Ah, Soub, it seems that Ted Edward suffered the same fate as my Teddy Ed and they were both true and faithful noo noo's.
The unspeakable fate of Blue Ted has only been softened by the fact that I still have the third member of my bear clan - Small Ted survives on top of my wardrobe to this day. I will ask him if he minds being blogged at some point but he is very shy.

Oooh yes, Babs, but they work best when you have someone to share them.

Phew, Roberta, the film wouldn't have been the same without the added nooness.

Beatrice V said...

My noo noo: A hot water bottle in a panda bear cover with beady eyes:) Cuddles to you.

Jon M said...

Well, it's got to be my slippers or I have a big old thick flannel shirt from Ireland that keeps me warm. At me Dad's funeral I wore his big black coat, that was a hug and a half!

Unknown said...

Aww, Beatrice, how cool are you? Cuddles back and hoping to be up in the big city in January.

Oh Jon, how comforting. The Feckers both have an item of clothing from their granddad - they come out occasionally.

Saaleha said...

I haven't got one. I have too many kids to bve needing one, I think

Unknown said...

Don't worry, Saaleha, you'll revert back when they get older. A noo noo without snot on it is quite nice!

Sharon J said...

I don't have one, Minx. Honest, I don't. Am I weird? Should I find one? Where will I look? How will I recognize it? Will it find me? I feel I'm missing out here.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Good one Minx.

Hmm... this takes some serious thought, and it hadn't occurred to me before now, but my noo noos have changed over the years.

There was a bear, when I was a kid... up till I was 17 and it disappeared tragically.

Now... Now I think my bed is my noo noo. Thick with blankets and soft pillows and a bedside table to hold a Tiffany lamp and a glass or wine or a mug of tea.

Yes. It would be my bed.

Does that count? It is my innermost sanctuary.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

Pssst! Debi!
Is this where we are having the party?
All this talk of noo's and I'm feeling all comfortable here...

Debi said...

No noos is good noos, Leslie.

Can you help me with this chocolate fountain please? It needs to go there, next to the gin bath ...

Unknown said...

Yes, you're weird, Sharon.

Oh course it counts, Scarlett, beds are very, very important.

Is this a private party you two or can I join in? I am not absent just a little vague in the blog department at the moment. The rules state that a party can only take place on a semi vacant blog - tut!

Debi said...

Told you we'd be rumbled, Leslie.

And look, she's gone and sent a glam Minx to scare us off.

Anonymous said...

This chocolate fountain is heavy! Who noo?
If we move the chocolate fountain, then we will have room for a second gin bath. Brilliant idea Debi!
I say we push the noo glam Minx, with all her fine noo jewelry, right into that gin bath nearest the chocolate fountain. How 'bout it? I'll get behind her knees, and you give a nudge.
I don't think it's really our Minx though. Look at how damned gorgeous she is! Must be an imposter!
You there! What have you done with our Minx?

Debi said...

That's her party look, Leslie. Don't tell me you haven't dressed up too. Just cos it's virtual, doesn't mean we shouldn't make the effort.

Now help me get her out of this gin bath before her mascara smudges.

Kay Cooke said...

What a lot of noo noos! I think a bubble bath and / or a hottie (which before you get any ideas, is a hot water bottle!) They would be my noo noos. (Except I didn't know they were called that til now! Happy to have been enlightened.)

Unknown said...

Glam? Pissing pants here - not glam at all this morning. Danced into the night and now me face is ugly.
More gin then?

I think everyone has a noo noo, Kay, they just call it something different or try to ignore the fact that they have one. I am just outing the NOO!

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