Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sometimes our faith is rattled to the core. I don't mean our religious faith but our belief in the those intangibles that go to make up the people that we are, or the people we thought we knew.

A massive life event can make you re-evaluate everything that you held to be true, everything that you believed in, both in yourself and in other people. Over the last few weeks I have been surrounded by people with copious amounts of honour, trust and integrity, selfless giving and support and I am gradually restoring my battered faith in the positive power of human nature.

Love encompasses all of these intangibles (and more) and as I walk on my new path I can honestly say that I still believe in love - the love I held in the past, the love I have now and the love that is waiting somewhere on the horizon. I have faith.

Oh, and I also believe in dragons - do you?



Debi said...

Who'd have thought dragons could be so sweet? Either that or those are VERY big fingers ...

Oh yeah. And love.
's good, innit?

fatboysblogg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Is it smoking a Marlboro'?

Pallav said...

people...i hope the ones you know are good :)

dragons are nice...little dragons can be used as convenient lighters for cigarettes! or they can be used to bite off the end of cigars!! yay!


Sharon J said...

I had a pet dragon when I was little. He's buried in my mum's garden now. Well, he was a newt actually but at six I was convinced he was a dragon.

fatboysblogg said...

I found a Salamander in the middle of Fowey once,I took it home and made a proper home for it(apparently it was a Fire Bellied Salamander).Anyway it disapeared a couple of days later,I think my cat ate it.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as dragons...the fairies say so.

Unknown said...

Fairies are liars.

soubriquet said...

I think I found one of those in the cabbages at Asda, the other day. I thought the cabbage leaf was moving, Then I saw the smoke... So I guessed perhaps the wiring of the cooler-cabinet on the next aisle was about to burst into flames, so I shouted "FIRE", and twenty people were injured in the rush to shoplift as the fire exits swung open.
Well, the fire brigade came in their dozens, and it was a tense time, as the smoke-divers suited up and went in to check the store.
The whole process took a couple of hours before the store re-opened, so I heard on the news, me, I didn't wait around. Well at first, I did, because I thought I might be acclaimed as a hero, a life saver, and get free groceries for life.. but then, as time went on, and roaring flames didn't erupt into the sky, steel didn't glow orange, and buckle in the tortured heat, no, I thought it was time to quietly slip away.
Good thing I always wear a disguise whilst shopping. Well, it's just that I feel a bit negatively about all the cctv cameras, and the security guys watching what I put in my basket, saying "Ohh, bad choice, see-he's gone for the unhealthy one there-oh look, the cheapskate is stocking up on the store-brand beans... now the books Oh, look, the idiots going to buy that, I've read it, it's crap!".
I think next time I see smoke amongst the cabbages, I'll ignore it.

Unknown said...

Well done, Soub, good to see that the 'rambling comment' is still alive and kicking!

How very silly of you to think that Asda would reward you for finding a dragon in their fresh produce.
I noted in the
Blanket-Under-Bedstead Evening News that Tesco were currently in court for keeping a Cheshire Cat in their freezer department.
Agnetta Flopp, 44DD, said...
"I think Tesco should be fined for total misrepresentation, I was after dodo steaks."
The case continues.

Smoke amongst the cabbages? Who sang that?

Anonymous said...


a true irony that i'd follow a yorkshireman's scurrious supermarket tale!

as i am taking a much needed break from my procrastiniation, how could i NOT comment on love and dragons.

before i met you minx, i am not sure i believed in the power of love; nor in the power of love bringing people to me when i most need it.

this arduous, frustrating at times, lonely... journey is confusing and painful and just a damn emotional rollercoaster. yet people seem to keep hanging in there despite my mental meltdowns, and new ones appear on the horizon when the old ones slip from view (for a much needed break !)

you've shared with, shown me, taught me the power of friends across miles of grey ocean; about the power of love incarnate; and believing; and finding my inner witchy self (this is the part where dragons come in..)

in chinese astrology, i am considered a dragon, dragon, wood dragon: birth year, birth date, birth time.

auspicious? nahhhh - i think it means that i tend to blow a lot of smoke over nothing. heh.


ps. i'm thieving the dragon pic!

Roberta said...

I think one of those little buggers gave me a shove the other night!

Unknown said...

Houston, you are weird as fuck and that is probably why we get on so well!
Never underestimate the power of dragons - smoke doesn't always get in your eyes and if it does, just try blinking!

pee ess - you cannot thieve the dragon pic, it belongs to the universe and was yours to take in the first place!!!

Shove it back, Roberta - it is good to test the strength of things every now and again. Heh.

Debi said...

And how's Puff the Magic Dragon today? Still living by the sea?

Disappointed s/he chose Asda. Thought s/he'd be more of a local produce/farmers' market type.

And how long can we let this drag on? (groan ...)

Anonymous said...

The Deep Aubergines sang that, didn't they?

ourladybeth said...

I love this post. I think maybe I needed to hear those words today as I wandered over from 'Clarity of Night' for a visit.

Yes, I believe! Always have.

Unknown said...

Oh Debi, this could dragon for weeks!
Puff is fine, btw, retired and living in the now smokeless zone of Hon-nah-lee.

Leslie, I think you may be right but it could have been Marrowhead.

Hi, Beth, believing is good, especially when dragons are so dinky!

Debi said...

If Puff is now living in a smokeless zone, I doubt very much if s/he is fine.

Oh - and the band are Rolled Up Stoned, I think you'll find.

Unknown said...

A rolling stone gathers no smoke (have you seen todays post yet??)

Taffiny said...

sometimes it can be hard to believe, it seems there are times when you have to fight for it, to hold onto your faith. But...there are those of us, I am one, and I believe you are as well, who don't really get to choose what we believe, we may doubt, we may get knocked down, but we always rise back up to it again, because it is how we are made. (eventually we reset, go back to our preset)(the universe nudges us back in line, to alignment)

Logic and I can arrive at any sort of conclusion that seems reasonable, and think we are smart and right, but it matters not, for in the end, that thing which dwells in me, that lives and breathes and flutters, dwarfs all else. It pretends to be small while I go about doing my thinking
(because it doesn't want to make me nervous. It knows I need to feel I am completely in control of me) just like that little dragon perched upon those finger-tips, but in truth it is a massive being fiercely full of wonder and passion.

I am glad you are surrounded by good people, who have helped you regain your faith, who have helped feed and tend your dragon. Life can be very painful; but fear not, her wings are very strong.

I feel this was/is a bit off an odd comment, but I write what I felt, and I must now go watch Spiderwick with Cheese (whiny Cheese is unpleasant), so I can't manage to edit.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I am very glad that you have been in the company of those people who are capable of restoring some faith to you.

I have enormous faith in love, it's power is immeasureable.

The dragon is wonderful, I shared him with others who will appreciate him.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Marie said...

Cute dragon!

Reading the Signs said...

Yes, yes, yes! (Love, dragons - more love).