Monday, May 26, 2008

Into the green

Cornwall is renown for its vicious , dramatic coastline, but there is another softer side, a side that can fill a soul with spiritual greeness.

Looking out towards St Ives Bay - about a mile from my home. The hill dips away to a beautiful hidden valley dotted with old cottages, standing stones and mad goats.
The hedgerows are pungent with the after rain smells of wild garlic. Rudi, a keen walker, was more interested in her golf ball and a taking on a rather large rottweiler than noticing the massed bluebells, sea pinks, campions and cow parsley that lined our path.
Neatness amongst the wildness. I am not sure what the purpose of the gate was seeing as you could walk around it on both sides!
It is a shame that you cannot capture the sound of late afternoon in the woods - the peace was tangible and very welcome.
The path is riddled with tiny winding offshoots that lead down in the deeply, dark heart of the wood. Cornish legend suggests that there are always piskie routes running alongside the main tracks - I believe them.

How can anyone ignore the greeness of green? The ferns are still unfurling in the newness of the season - I felt a bit the same myself.



gregra&gar said...

The Greening of the Minx — as due as any season. How wonderful.

Jan said...

In fact, brilliant.
AS you know, I love everything about Cornwall.
One day, I shall bump into you in some Cornish street and probably recognise you at once!

Marcus said...

That looks very familiar Minx,you make sure you dont get Piskie led!!
Rudi looks well.

Roberta said...

Hey Minx! This looks like where I live!

john.g. said...

Superb, Minx!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

What beautiful greenness! That one shot reminded me particularly of my walks in the New Forest last year. Luffly.
Just mind those piskies.

Minx said...

The Greening of the Minx - I am liking that, Todd.

Jan, let me know when you are around - we can recognise each other.

Rudi went to sleep for a whole five minutes when we got back, M.

You live at Carwinnen, Roberta? Why didn't you say? Heh.

Thank you, John G - I shall be along for a joke very soon.

There are lovely bits everywhere, Aty. Sometimes we just forget to look around.

handmaiden said...

it's so serendipitous that your side of the planet so closely resembles mine. I could almost post the same thing.

We are both cool & green, aren't we?

leslie said...

Thank you for the splendid walk.
If you go searching for pixies, I'll go along...

Minx said...

very cool, very green, Maiden!

Come anytime, Leslie, the countryside is free!

Taffiny said...

How exactly is it, that from your pen, mad goats sound like a good thing, quaint and interesting?

Rudi, is she a jack russel terrier? (hard to tell from the behind. I mean from behind.) They are so cute, but my mum says I could never keep up with such a spry energetic dog.

Beautiful photos, with much atmosphere.

I love the greening of the landscape, everything lush and full and soft.

Minx said...

Mad goats are a good thing, Taff, as long as they are over there.

And yes, Miss Rudi is a Jack Russel. Did you know that they have a picture of Jesus on their behinds? Have a look next time.

Marcus said...

Looks more like the Virgin Mary to me.

Cailleach said...

What gorgeous pictures you have - how lovely to walk around in such greenery.

Taffiny said...

darn it all,
though I know you are being funny, I shall not be able to avoid looking directly at a Jack russels butt the next time one happens by.