Saturday, March 22, 2008

The yeah, yeah sisterhood

At 4pm the days work will be done. The house cleaned, shopping stashed and all the other ghastly Saturday jobs will have been accomplished for another week. At 4pm this Saturday the door knocker will announce the beginning of another Gin Club meeting. The girls are coming!

Me girls. We have seen each other through births and deaths, fatness and thinness, beginnings, ends and all the mucky bits in between. For nearly thirty years these exceptional women have held my head above water on many occasions. Lending their love and support through the horror of my parents quick deaths and the nights when my children refused to do what the book said.

Our Saturday afternoon Gin Co-operative evolved from our men deserting us in favour of some windswept pitch and a pair of disgustingly muddy football boots. We whiled away the hours adding gin to a pot of tea until we had solved the problems of the week.
They are friends who listen as much as they talk, never judge or disapprove and have an uncanny ability to turn up when I need them most. They are my unpaid therapists, my miserable bitches, my lovely, lovely girls. I am lucky to have friends like this.
I wonder what the nursing home will make of us?

"And when there is mischief in the world, will you turn your back and tut disapprovingly, or will you pour and gin and put the world to rights with the best women in the universe."



S. Kearney said...

Lovely, Minx, to have this. But gin in a teapot? :-) Wouldn't it taste of earl grey?

Unknown said...


Roberta said...

I need a "Gin CLub" I had a wine club once, but she moved off the mountain. I don't feel like starting over again.

Unknown said...

Gin is very versatile, Shameless, and you would be surprised at what you can add to a coffee pot as well.

I did, John G, thank you.

Well, get her back again, Roberta. You can't desert your wine/gin drinking buddies. Problems need to be solved.

David M N Bate said...

Lovely to meet you.
I'm prone to say the 3 things I'm most ashamed of are being male, white and human ... so there are many things I envy women for ... although living in a white, male, human dominated world is not one of those things ... but having a close circle of honest, caring and reliable friends is most definitely.
Is it just me, or as men get older do we have less and less close friends?
I find (on the odd occasion I have done it - honest) most empowering to dress up as a woman ... I might just do it again one night and gate crash your gin club!!

Reading the Signs said...

Thank you for reminding me about gin. Now all I need is to find some girls to drink it with. Hope you had a smashing time.

Unknown said...

Pointy boots are a must, David, just sayin'.

Tis not difficult, Signs, just stand somewhere public and wave a bottle around.

Debi said...

Slinging gin slings in slingbacks? xxx

Unknown said...

I like it Debi - try saying that after a few gins ;)

Unknown said...

Passing pinot in pointy heels?

Lobbing lime daiquiri's in Louboutin's?

Slamming sambuca's in stiletto's?

One for the lads...
Gobbing Guinness in gumboots?

Geraldine said...

What a fortunate woman you are to have friends like these.

Gin in tea, intriguing!!

Got here via The Clarity of Night

Jon M said...

Sound like a fine bunch of pals! Just what you need! Never got the hang of gin though!

Debi said...

Cavorting with cava in corsets?

Frowing freixenet in frills?

Unknown said...

Fortunate indeed, Geraldine, they are my best girls.

You don't need to hang, Jon. Just take an ice filled glass and fill with Bombay Sapphire and a small shot of tonic - yum.

Exactly Debi. Now, don't you think it's about time you moved a bit closer?