Saturday, February 02, 2008

Memery - a writerish meme

What is the last thing you wrote?
In the last five minutes? Nothing, I was making a cup of tea.
In the last hour? Five emails.
In the last 24 hours? 502 words of Natural Magick - not proud, not clever.

Was it any good?
The tea was good, the emails made some sort of sense and Dorcas Fleming is in some unholy shit!
What's the first thing you wrote and you still have?
Poetry/outpouring/rage against the machine - the darkness of it still scares me.
Write poetry? Angst?
Are you supposed to stop?
Favourite genre of writing?
Whatever takes my fancy but mostly science fantasy, although I have a problem with being boxed.
Most fun character you've ever created?
The cats in Coven of One/Natural magick. Zebulonus was a favourite but I have just added Gideon to Natural Magick, who speaks with a lisp and I think I am in love with him.
Most annoying character?
If they annoyed me I wouldn't write them. The only one I had a problem with was Dax Hoffman (The Diva Jaspari) who was in danger of turning into a twat. Think I saved his bacon.
Best plot?
The one I am working on at the time. It's a power trip - in there I am Queen of Fucking Everything - chop off his head!
Write fan fiction?
Never, and never will.
Type or write?
Type, but scribble in notebooks and odd pieces of paper, and envelopes, bills, newspapers and stamps.
Ever go back to an old idea?
What, you want to look in my files now? Yes, I do, I save everything, every half thought out idea, every non-starter sentence - you never know!
Favourite thing you've written?
Everything - for about ten minutes.
Do you show people your work?
If I like them. And it would be sort of stupid if I said no seeing that I write a blog and I have a book - so a couple of people have read me!
Did you ever write a novel?
Err, yes, several, well five to be precise - Capricorn Wind, The Geishan Kumiai, Orlandoe's Wager, Coven of One, The Diva Jaspari.
Natural Magick (a sequel to Coven) and The Mayanopan Codex are under construction.

Favourite setting for your characters?
Trick question? No, no, I know this one, it's the one they belong in, isn't it?
How many writing projects are you working on?
Four, no five - do I count editing projects? You're not very specific, are you?
Do you want to write for a living?
Is this a joke? Strangely I'm not laughing.
Ever written anything in script or play form?
No, yurk!
Five favourite words...
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Which character most resembles you?
All of them, I wrote them, stupid!
Where do you get your ideas for other characters?
The dead and the living!
Ever write things based on your dreams?
Writing is like dreaming, day dreams that evolve as you feed them. I like dreaming.
Do you favour happy endings, sad or cliff hangers?
Being English I should say 'sad', but I suppose it is whatever suits the plot. The ending is where I start and hopefully finish.
Ever written anything based on an artwork?
I drew a picture of an ice catamaran in school, Capricorn Wind was based on it.
Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?
Should I be? No one told me.
Ever write entirely in chatspeak?
Entirely in L337?
Does music help?
Help with what? The dishes?
Quote something you've written.

“Look mother they have a cat. I have always wanted a cat, especially a black one.”
With a shriek of delight, Issy followed the cat into the living room and Lilith followed her mother into the kitchen.
A large pot was bubbling on the range and there were four plates set at the table.
“You knew then.”
“Of course. I wouldn’t be much of a witch if I didn’t.”
“Keep your voice down mother.” Lilith said quietly “She knows nothing.”
“Well, that is obvious, didn’t even know she had a grandmother.” Dorcas tutted.
Lilith pulled out a chair, sat down heavily and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.
“There is no need for tears, she can stay.”
“How did you know that I would ask?”
Dorcas snorted and Lilith nodded. The reasons she had left came flooding back in a tide of misery.

- extract from Natural Magick

Tagging -
Moon Topples - because he wants it bad.


Reading the Signs said...

This is spooky, ms Minx, like looking into a mirror. Are you me? No, you can't be because I didn't write that last bit and never had a character called Dorcas.

Moon? Be grateful that I didn't get to you with a tag first.

Unknown said...

LOL - you had fun with that, didn't you ;-)

Now hurry up and finish Natural Magic, I can't stand the suspense!

Unknown said...

No, I'm not you, Signs, because I am I.
Mr Moon has resumed blogging so he deserves as many tags as we can give him. Tis the only kind thing to do!

Yes, I did, Aty, and you know just how much I love a meme.
Writing, writing....

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly, Minx. I knew you would bring levity (or is it levitation?) to the project.
My favorite words, too, all of them.

Unknown said...

That would be levitation, Leslie, a cunning trick of mine all done with smoke and drugs!

Debi said...

Ah - memeries are made of this ...

Anonymous said...

Blimey thats a long meme! I am sure I would have not bothered answering it all..

Taffiny said...

I love,
day dreams that evolve as you feed them.

Oh and I enjoyed reading the rest.

Unknown said...

Bit of a memeoir, Debi!

No, you probably wouldn't, Muts. I was tempted to my usual stupid answers but have been surprisingly sensible - mostly!

Thanks Taff, it's a bit too long for my liking. But then, all memes are too long!