Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bloggers extraordinaire

I'm still reeling from a truly fabulous weekend. As I've said before meeting fellow bloggers is a wonderful experience and this lot were the cream of the crop....

(John, Debi, Babs and Bill at Debi's in a pre-event wine gulp)

John opened the Pipe and Slippers event with some wonderful readings from 'Pomes, Older and Younger' (available from Opening Chapter, Amazon US and UK , or me).

Cool as a cucumber, Barbara then read from the fabulous 'Kairos' (available here).

Under the gold lame curtains of a south London pub these two wonderful poets and their books were set firmly on their path. It would be useless to say 'good luck' as they are both destined for great things.

Other fab type people included this lot.....

... a true delectation for a writer's soul.
Ricardo Garcia (below) - flamenco to inflame the senses.

And then it was over, too soon.

(L to R Linda, Bill, Debi, John and Emma)

If you haven't been involved in a blogmeetle before then I thoroughly recommend one. Putting a face to a writing voice is a fascinating experience and they are all absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't have missed this one for the world and can't wait until we do the next one.


Unknown said...

I can't wait either Minx :)

Thanks for the pictures!

Jon M said...

You're right, Minx, putting faces to names is quite fun! Wish I'd been there!

Unknown said...

They look and sound like wonderful people!

Taffiny said...

glad you had a great time :)

Unknown said...

It's only just beginning to sink in that we all eventually got together. Even more amazing that people came from so far (Germany, US, Ireland, Scotland).

I think this should be an annual event and perhaps we can persuade a few more next time.

Roberta said...

I wish we'd had digital cameras when we had our "bash". Only fond memories of people I loved and loved talking too.

S. Kearney said...

Oh, we are so spoiled to have all of these photos. It sounds like it was huge fun. Blogmeetle ... now there's a new word as well. love it. :-)

Sharon J said...

Trust Debi to be different - she doesn't even sit on the couch in the same way other folks do :)

Glad you enjoyed yourself but then I never doubted that you would.

Sharon x

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! that looks like SO much fun. I am thinking of a trip...maybe next time the tart will be represented.

Or should I say another tart*?

*Tart is not an original American word as you know, so I'm not sure my concept of the meaning works with you

I get the meaning basically from reading things like, "Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris"
& watching European (pretty much British, I think)sitcoms on PBS.

Debi said...

Ahem - why is that everyone else has such gravitas and I'm always grinning like a loon?

Unknown said...

That's a point Debi -I think someone might have forgotten to say 'cheese' or 'silly sausages.'

Anyway - you're not grinning like a loon, you've a wonderful smile, full of warmth!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic to me - I wish I had come now!

Unknown said...

You can hold those memories in your heart, Roberta.

Well, next time, Shameless, you could make a bit of an effort and get yer arse over here.

Debi is a liddle pixie, Sharon (nice to see you back btw) - a deaf pixie at present. She got up high to oversee the mingling.

Ah, Maiden, the nuances of the word 'tart' are indeed understood. It has several delicious meanings..
1) "She's a tart" = that lady over there spreads her favours about a bit
2)"That's a real tart" = that is the genuine article.
3) "I am a complete tart for gin" = I rather like a drink
4)"You tart" = could mean any of the above or that I love you dearly. English, eh?

Unknown said...

Debi, ummm.

Cailleach, she is grinning like a loon and so were we.

Silly dog, Muts, you missed a very fine afternoon of us all being tarts for poetry and music.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*THAT* looks like it was truly a great time!
I'm jealous.
And pleased that it went so well.

Maybe someone will organize a world bloggers day and we can all get together in Europe somewhere.

I have high hopes that the Shameless Lions Writing Circle can get together one day.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

Oh, THANK YOU for putting together this post!

Saaleha said...

Looks like you had a blast. Pics are wonderful.

Unknown said...

It was ,Scarlett, truly wonderful, if you get the chance....

And thanks for reading, Leslie. It is interesting to see if a face matches with a voice.

Hi Saaleha, good to 'see' you!

Lane Mathias said...

I love the word 'blogmeetle'.

I went to one at the beginning of the year and after the initial shock of actually hearing their voices, it was great meeting blog friends. Didn't have as far to travel as you though!

I come to you via ... I'm not sure really, Karen and Shameless I think. I've seen your name around for ages so hi:-)