Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stroll on Sunday

I tried to resist but I had to include a few pics of my favourite place during Phoctober. This is the north coast of Cornwall and about two and a half miles from my home. Far more dramatic than the south coast, these cliffs have taken a pounding over the millenia and are subject to big landslides throughout the winter. Today the sea was like a mill pond.

(livin' on the edge)

.(gnarley, gnarled gorse)
(sea eating cliffs - recent landslide at top of picture)

(bit of glamour)
.(as far as the eye can see)
(a mackerel sky)


Taffiny said...

It feels like something terribly romantic and sad should be, being played out, on those sea cliffs.

How gnarled and twisty your vines, your eyes, the interwoven layers, interesting.

When I clicked on the first photo and it expanded, the dried plant stalks (no idea what they are called), took on such life, though they aren't alive anymore, looking so gorgeous.

Nice work, thanks for the view.

Roberta said...

I love seeing your world.

Thanks Minx.

Anonymous said...

Mackerel sky is a harbinger of rain.
Where you live, fairies and such live.

Unknown said...

Lots of sad things have played out on these cliffs Taff, maidens flinging themselves off, etc....
Tghe dry stuff is a dead mix of sedge, bramble, sea thistle and a weird grass that goes white in winter and looks much better than when it was alive.

I have really enjoyed all the Phoctober posts, Roberta - like a world tour.

Absolutely right, Leslie - the sky is lead this morning. And yes, plenty of fairies.

Unknown said...

Lovely shots, Minx - the ones of the cliffs reminded me so much of Guernsey and the cliff paths of St Martins where I used to walk my dogs everyday. Nothing like the wind through your hair coming off the wild Atlantic and clouds brooding above you.

Kay Cooke said...

Beautiful - my favourite scenes in the world are seascapes. Thanks for the look-see at your edge of the world.

Pants said...

Beautiful Minxie

If I survive the hideous Virgin train journey from Nuneaton to London, I'll post up some pictures of gorgeous Leicestershire and Cheshire when I get home.



S.L. Corsua said...

Awe-inspiring -- Me in awe and inspired to reread Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee". ^_^


Unknown said...

Cornwall is very similar to Jersey, Guernsey and the coast of Brittany, Abs - rugged, barren and plenty of rain.

I couldn't imagine not being able to see the sea, CB, it is my favourite place.

This Phoctobering has been nice, Pantsie, ordinary Joe's with their ordinary camera's and a slice of ordinary life.

Well, good, Souless. Inspiration can come from all quarters. I think we all forget what lies on our doorstep sometimes - taking photo's makes you look.

Unknown said...

Great stuff Minx!

Debi said...

For a horrible moment I thought I could see another fag butt with my prints on it ...

I'd better say, before anyone leaps in to berate me, I would never really drop 'em here and only did in Minxy's garden cos she did it first. I'm just trying to practice being not nice and unsweet ...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hello Minx!!

Well, first of all... you've been busy! LOVE the walk by the sea. I've been aching to be by the sea and you've helped.
There's not one in my immediate vicinisea. Unfortunately.
Beautiful photos.

Also... took a scroll down your page and checked out all the new picture additions... is that Adam's apple part way down?
They made me smile.

Thanks for all the good stuff to look at.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Oh those cliffs look fab. Glad you decided to show us.

Hoodie said...

Can I come over?

Unknown said...

Great pictures - if you're not careful we may come and invade Cornwall one of these summers...

With love from Lumpy Bananasniffer.

ps, what's this secret thing...? Oh yeah, it wouldn't be a secret then, would it... duh.

Roberta said...

Why do I suddenly want to shout "Heathcliff! Heathcliff!"

Unknown said...

Thank you, John G. Maybe you should post up some pics of the famous pub!

You need to practice, Debi? Heh.

I couldn't imagine being landlocked, Scarlett, but living her has distinct disadvantages like, umm, err, well.....

I will take my life in my hands over the winter, V, and try and get some 'storm' pics. Just got to make sure I am tethered to something!

Yay, Hoodie, I am all for a cultural exchange visit.

You would be welcomed, Lumpy, your brood may have to sleep in the garage though!

I don't know, Roberta. Are you ill?
Plenty of heath and plenty of cliff, but misery guts Cathy would have flung herself of the Wuthering Height a long time ago and shortened the story!

S. Kearney said...

These bring back great memories of scouting around your region ... back when I used to live in Bristol. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty goood for surfing as well!

Pallav said...

wow....just wow...Pretty romantic but why do the colors look a bit dull to me? maybe you need to photoshop them ;)

But really, great pictures!


Laume said...

"sea eating cliffs" - shouldn't it be cliff eating seas? Or - cliff-eating seas? Now I'm confused. It looks a lot like the Pacific coast. Lots of sandstone areas are dangerous to walk on top of or beneath.