Friday, September 28, 2007

That's good, someone turned the lights on again

Okay, okay, I'm a witch but I can't see everything coming. There is a change on the wind, you can hear the buzz in the air if you listen carefully, feel the vibes, and they are good.
This morning with a hundred mundane things tramping through my brain I picked up a package from the front door. Inside was proof, lovely, lovely proof....Barbara Smith is a real live author and her poetry book 'Kairos' is a small pot of gold.

In between the tongue in cheek 'Do mad people have gardens?' to the very beautifully sad 'Alice's Boudoir' , Babs has woven a fine trove of poetry that reaches far down into her Irish roots and beyond.
It is a joy and its neat size mean that it can be slipped into a handbag and whipped out during the boring, tedious moments at work - and I will!

Twelve months ago this wonderful woman jumped on a plane and came to my launch in London. 'I had to be here' she said. We stayed with Debi Alper and the three of us, like some mad literary coven, sat talking into the night - the published, the newly published and the yet to be published. I looked at us, all coming from completely different backgrounds, each with a different slant on life. What bound us together, for I count these women as lifelong friends?

Well, we are risk takers. Out of the darkness someone offered us a chance and we switched the light on to see what was going on. It is not enough to merely write, anyone can do that to some degree, I would say it means grabbing that swinging rope and hanging on for dear life.

There are lights appearing everywhere. Derec Jones, who brought Coven of One to life has just started the wonderful new magablogazine Opening Blag and Bill Liversidge is proudly going forward with his self-publishing project for A Half Life of One.

Life is for living, chances are for taking, and if you take away the fear then all you are left with is a brightly lit room in which to grow.
I am reading, and editing, good stuff from a number of bloggers who have a risk taking gene stashed somewhere about their person. I wonder if they will flick that switch when their moment comes?



Anonymous said...

I only have a 20 watt bulb I think... :-((

Unknown said...

I gave up a whole career to try out this writing lark. The world and her husband generally think me insane, but hey, you wanna do it, you gotta do it. Life is for living and sometimes you have to let go of certainties. As Andre Gide said: "One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."

Unknown said...

It's not about wattage, Mutley, it's about a kind of bravery. Are you a simpering poodle, or the terrier that won't let go of the leg?

Nice quote, Vanilla. I think I had already put you down as a switch flicker!

Taffiny said...

I like your post. Lovely.

I don't know.
Had a friend who said, that I still seem to be deciding whether or not I want to be a part of the world, like I stick my toe in from time to time, but don't venture farther.
I'm afraid it is rather true.
If I don't learn to switch on a light, I will never travel far into/through the darkness.
Vanilla quote- I can not imagine losing site of the shore. Literally. I do have that nightmare, of being taken from the ground and tossed up into space, and fighting to stay here safe on the ground.

I am impressed with all you risk takers.
While I dream, you travel.
While I wish, you become.
While I wonder, you fulfill

Taffiny said...

by the bye,
I so want to read "do mad people have gardens?"

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


This is one of your best posts. I absolutely love it.
Such strong support, such devotion, such love for a sister of the pen and paper, and heart.

I'm so glad the three of you got to know each other, fate is a funny thing, isn't it?

Lord bless the blogging world.

Can't wait to read this book Barbara... I know it will be wonderful!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

...Mutley, a 20 watter huh? Made me giggle. I'll shine a little light your way. Goodness knows I'm full of it.

Unknown said...

That's what I love about Minx - she can always see the bigger picture... Thanks for your warm words of support, and to those turning on the lights, keep going, you are among friends :)
And AV's quote is very apt. It's a voyage that sometimes takes you to places you never imagined!

Jan said...

This is a very moving blog post, Minx.
Lots of folk will appreciate your fine wirds.

Unknown said...

Someone's success has such a positive effect, doesn't it? A bit of magick that we can all share.

We all get those moments, hours, days, when we wonder what the fuck we're doing. Are we any good? What's the point? Hearing good news is like a shot in the arm, a feast for the starving creative soul.

And another good boost, for me, is that here is another poke in the eye to the big publishers who seem intent on destroying any originality a writer might have.
Our supermarkets harbour shelves of mundane, pink chick lit, z-list autobiographies and a bunch of puzzle books. The smaller publisher is the only one who still has faith in poetry and novels that won't be squeezed into a box.

Up the revolution. We are revolting.

Unknown said...

A switch flicker, eh, now just what sort of switch are you referring to - do I need to bring out the chains too?

Debi said...

So true tho I have to confess I find bright light a little harsh these days. Now offer me a flickering candle and you're talking ...

Jon M said...

Rousing speech Minx, once more unto the thingy! You're so right about grabbing any chance and hanging on! What a timely posting!

Anonymous said...

you leave me much to think about, Minx. thank you! :)

Unknown said...

Trying to ignore that comment, Vanilli, because it all could terribly low and dirty.
(You can bring chains but please leave the handcuffs at home and I refuse to be drawn any more on the subject of 'flicking'.

Candles R Us, Debi, flicker, flicker (damn, damn, damn).

Once more unto the pub, Jon? Yes please, grab me a pint and hang on to it while I get me boots on.

Good to think, CS, wish I did a bit more of it but the connection between mouth and think cells was disrupted long ago.

Unknown said...

Wow I'm blinking in all this light. And I want to read "Do mad people have gardens?' too.

Unknown said...

Switch flickers unite!

All I might be able for this evening is a warm fire and a candle too...

Roberta said...

I think it wonderful that you have that kind of closeness with these peers.

Makes me wish I'd been a fly on the wall.

This is a special bond.

Unknown said...

I thoroughly recommend a copy of your very, veryy own, V.

I would think a small glass of wine is well deserved too, Babs, I am as well.

I think you are all special, and I am very tanked and everyone is v ery beautiful this evening.
And I have some very bizarre music in my ears - a Welsh postman who is an Elvis impersonator and he is singing Nirvana's 'Come as you are'. How loopy is that?/ Very weird and strangely good even if I am possibly the world's worst Elvis fan - hah!
Oh sweet, he's doing a cover of Song to the Siren now....fablious, flabulous, frablous, oh fuck it.My friend Gh

Where did my commen t go?
what was I saying? Oh yes, my friend Ghurgan Smallpiece ((thats not his real name just in case you were wondering, I don't supose you were because it's very late and you shoul all be abed) but he drops the odd weirdo CD in me bag. How cool are frends?

THat comment is up there, I can see it now, ugh, going regfret being drunk in charges of a computer in the morning and so may I. Will I? Yes, you will. I heard it through the grapevine, honey,honey....uh huh.....

Roberta said...

I am grinning at you Minx and jivin' to the tunes. All is well.

John said...
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John said...

There's a very good lightswitch here:

The only hard part is waiting for it to come.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

A little flicker of light wine Minx?


Hope you are feeling well in the morning.

Scarlett & V.

Debi said...

Small glass of wine, Minxy?

Bathtub of gin more likely given that last comment ...

Unknown said...

Yes, okay, must learn not to go anywhere near the computer with me tanks full - I apologise.