Friday, July 13, 2007


You didn’t stand a chance I fear,

a will that was once was free

To think of what’s become of you

that now belongs to me

The barren rock sustained my gourd,

was filled with honest dew

You found me lacking sustenance, but

I was not expecting, you

Surprise in light , my rallied tail

Posed the fatal blow

I warned you,

Scorned you,

tried to turn you

Readied venom with malice learned

But you showed me something I

Didn’t know

Now you walk amid my desert and

tis only love that spills, from veins that

thumped with honest blood so

Who’s to say that

poison only kills



Unknown said...

Wow, Minx, a bit speechless here. Powerful words.

Pallav said...

"Honest dew"

was it mountain dew? if there is a scorpion who stings with dew instead of poison, woow....that would be lovely!!

strange poem somehow can not put my finger on the reason..:P


Unknown said...

Bit of a sting in the tail, Minx.

Rashi said...

yeah nthng like tht scorpion then..

nice though !

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

WOW - that is AWESOME!!!

You are fast becoming my minxy muse.

Excellent work, and very interesting picture!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

The poem seemed apt, sort of. I have been surrounded by real poison all day. Why do some people feel the need to hurt others?

Poetess said...

Hi Minx

I have just found your blog via the blog for published bloggers.

I love your poetry particularly the Royal Drawers.

Will call again.


Jon M said...

I love 'amid my desert' Scorpions are brilliant creatures for the imagination!

Who has been trying to poison you,oh minxious one? We shall set about them with cudgels!

Nooy said...

this seems like one of those poems that flowed out and by the time you wrote the last letter it was finished!
very beautifull!

Roberta said...

Poetry Thursday, I presume.

Love the graphics. Does anyone else realize it's a human body?

Great poem, by the way. I loved how it ended.

Did I tell you I heard from someone at my former workplace? The Wicked Witch of the West has been given a promotion and a raise and asked that she not enter the office place ..again...ever...but to work from home..

Now how do I get a job where I misbehave badly and get a promotion and a raise and get to work from home? I ask you???

Unknown said...

Hi Poetess, cup of tea?

Minxious, Jon? I am liking that.

Meike, whoo hoo - you're on Deviant ART....

Oh Roberta, I am a failure at Poetry Thursday - they are going to sack me!
There are a lot of people in management who are pushed up to get them out of the way - I know these things!