Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Novapulsian chicken and a real, live talking dog.

Atyllah the hen

Atyllah is on mission, never quite sure what it is but she blogs HERE with tales from the chicken coop

She says...

"I can't tell you whether you'll get the truth or not... you'll just have to take it as it comes..."

1. Why did you start blogging?

For fun, as an exercise in marketing... oh, no, sorry, it was because High Command told me to!

2. When will you stop?

Probably quite soon. There's just so much snarking one can do at humanity before we're all bored to tears. But I might start another blog... (oh Goddess help us!)

3. What is your favourite kind of post to write?

Observations of human antics - usually those in the gym...

4. Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blog. What do you mean they're not diverse?

No, no no, this is too taxing for a brain that has been on holiday for a week! Off the top of me head.... The Spine - satire. Confucious T - funny. The Inner Minx - yeah, welll, no comment. Miss Snark - snarky literary agent. Daze of our Lives - thoughtful. Wilf - fictional blog. Anna, wonderful poetry. All right, enough already.

5. You can five bloggers over for tea and cakes - who would you choose?

Mad Baggage (Cheryl), Debi Alper, Minx, (go on, you know you wanna come along), Skint, Wilf (Addy), Anna - yeah, I know, I can't count. (I know, not enough toes)

6. You have the power to blow up a blog - who?

I categorically refuse to say - it would be most impolitic! (I don't believe you just said that)

7. What colour underwear are you wearing?

Red. (what else?)


Mutley the dog

Not much to say about Mr Dog but if you like your humour off the wall, near the knuckle and served with a large helping of nuts then go take a look. The hound blogs HERE.

1.Why did you start blogging?

Last summer, this blog last October. (what was the question again? Dogs must make up their own interview rules!))

2.When will you stop?

No intention to right now! Don't know.

3.What is your favourite kind of post to write?

Funny/ clever witty or preferably all three! (laced with codswallop and lovely rubbish!)

4.Give some examples of the diverse range of links on your blog.

Humour, broad and adult, wry and daily life, porn. (howler monkeys, beetroots, puffins and moustaches!)

5.You can have five bloggers over for tea and cakes – who would you>choose?

You, obviously, Miss Smack, Lonie Polonie, for something a little harder than tea(!) Beast, Frobisher, Hammer (would that be gin?)

6.You have the power to blow up one blog – who?

Tim Ireland (I so admire honesty)

7.What colour underwear are you wearing?
Stained (gonna be sick)


Anonymous said...

You realise everyone thinks Im Laura from what you posted on my Blog - I don't mind it adds to the mystery!

Unknown said...

I was referring to your lookey-likey Laura Dern. It's not my fault if they don't read all your posts! That Heritage thingy is quite good. Anyway Laura is better than Yves although not quite so mysterious. I came out as part Kurt Waldheim - so think yourself lucky.

Unknown said...

I hope this doesn't put pressure on me to continue blogging - chickens hate pressure, they can get downright cranky!

Anonymous said...

Noone likes me Ms Minx - thy didnt comment... the swines.

Unknown said...

Noone probably doesn't know what to make of you Mutley, not sure I do sometimes. Fear not, the readers are lurking, I shall direct them to Alotted Span - they might get some idea then.